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High-Quality & Fully Compliant

Haws manufactures a complete line of high-quality drinking fountains that meet the highest standards and specifications.

Touchless Hydration Powered by Haws®

Haws offers various motion-activated hydration options for sanitary activation with enhanced hygienic hydration in public places.

Antimicrobial Copper Safe-Touch™ Push Button Optional Accessories

Available on Haws indoor and outdoor fountains and bottle fillers; new or retrofit options. The perfect economical solution for hydration equipment re-activation at schools and commercial facilities.

  • PBA6C (Fits Valve Type 5874PBF)
  • PBA7C (Fits Valve Type 5874PB
  • PBA8C (Fits Valve Type/Model 5010SS)

Touchless/Hygienic Available

Electric sensor and solenoid valve retrofit kit with hard-wired or plug-in transformer converts push-button operated indoor drinking fountain options to be operated hands-free.

Featured Products

Our Featured Drinking Fountains


Wall Mount ADA Touchless Dual Fountain

Model 1501HO2, Hi-Lo ADA, wall-mounted, dual white enameled iron touchless drinking fountain with back panel, and 100% lead-free waterways.

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ADA Outdoor Stainless Steel Pedestal Fountain w/ Pet Fountain

Model 3500D, "Hi-Lo" barrier-free, superior-duty vandal-resistant stainless steel pedestal drinking fountain, green powder-coated finish with pet fountain, and 100% lead-free waterways.

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ADA Chilled Dual Wall Mount Touchless Fountain

Model H1117LN.8HO2, Hi-Lo ADA, wall mounted, touchless dual 14-gauge stainless steel drinking fountain with back panel, and 100% lead free waterways.

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ADA Outdoor Aluminum Antique Style Pedestal Fountain

Model 3511, Hi-Lo ADA, antique historic style, heavy-duty cast aluminum pedestal drinking fountain with black powder-coated finish, and 100% lead-free waterways.

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ADA Outdoor Filtered Stainless Steel Bottle Filler and Dual Fountain

Model 3612F, heavy-duty, stainless steel, outdoor, filtered, barrier-free pedestal bottle filler and drinking fountain with silver matte powder-coated finish. This model is standard with two drinking fountains and one bottle filler, and the option of adding/changing a drinking fountain, bottle filler, dog bowl and/or hose bib at any time.

Outdoor Bottle Filler and Drinking Fountain Brochure

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ADA Outdoor Concrete Pedestal Fountain

Model 3150, Hi-Lo barrier-free, concrete pedestal drinking fountain with exposed aggregate finish and 100% lead-free waterways.

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