Portable Gravity-fed and Air-pressurized Eyewashes

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Portable Gravity-fed and Air-pressurized Eyewashes

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Self-Contained Eyewash Units

Also known as portable eyewash units, contain a large volume reservoir of flushing fluid within to provide a continuous 15-minute flow.


Ideal for locations without access to potable water or for locations where eyewash access needs to be moved at a moments notice.

ANSI Compliant

Haws® portable eyewash units meet all ANSI requirements for flow rates, stream heights, and pressure for the full flushing duration and are CSA certified to ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014.

Featured Products

Our Featured Portable Eyewashes


New 7501 Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash

Model 7501, 9 gallon (34.1 L) capacity gravity operated portable eyewash. Retooled to ensure the long-term durability with quality craftmanship only Haws can deliver.

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Portable Emergency Air-Pressurized Eyewash

Model 7601.37, 37 gallon (140 L) capacity, air pressure operated portable eyewash and body spray with ASME rated tank.

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HAWSCLEAN™ Portable Eyewash Cleansing Stick

Model 9083, HawsCLEAN™ cleansing stick for gravity fed and pressurized portable eyewash equipment.

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