• Industry Leading Quality with Unrivaled Performance and Reliability

    Introducing the new EWC 1210 Bottle Filling Station

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  • AXION® MSR Freeze-Protected Combination Shower and Eye/Face Wash

    Cost-Effective Freeze Protection

    Improved pricing on freeze-protected showers, packaged for easy standard shipping.

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  • Haws Integrated® Epod™

    Safe. Rugged. Adaptable

    Introducing the newest quality tempered water safety solutions only from Haws.

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  • Touchless Hydration Solutions

    Quench thirst safely

    Access to clean, cool water on the go without exposing yourself to harmful germs that can lead to illness. 

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  • Haws Services

    Service is the difference

    Service, warranty, and repairs for your emergency shower and eyewash equipment.

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Why Haws

America's Premier Manufacturer

Plumbing and safety environments are evolving, and Haws is redefining expectations. Just as we have done for more than 100 years. 

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Flexible Solutions



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Superior Quality



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Easy to do Business With



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Our Story

Historical Timeline

  • 1906

    Luther Haws patents the first sanitary drinking faucet.

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  • 1950

    Introduces emergency drench showers and eyewashes into the product line.

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  • 1984

    Opens Haws AG in Switzerland to supply European market.

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  • 1996

    Opens new 210,000 sq. ft. production facility in Sparks, Nevada.

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  • 1999

    Opens Haws Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. in Singapore to supply Asia Pacific market.

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  • 2006

    Haws Corporation has its first Centennial Celebration.

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