Safety Shower

The Haws Safety Shower is built using top quality components and provide the highest level of decontamination on the market using our Axion® Technology. 

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Safety Shower
AXION® MSR - Medically superior Response

Emergency Drench Showers

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AXION® Nozzle

The AXION drench shower nozzle uses the latest in hydrodynamic principles to spin inlet water and break it into smaller, discrete droplets. It is designed to minimize the strong physical pressure that drives the water to the outer rim of normal showerheads, making the distribution equal across the entire footprint of the flow.

Integral Flow Control

Flow controls within the showerhead regulate the flow rate to ensure water is available for the eye/face wash to allow for simultaneous use.

Pre-built and Fully Water Tested for Reliability

Meets facility needs with corrosion resistant, ABS plastic and stainless steel options.

ANSI Compliant

Units are certified to meet the ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 Standard for emergency eyewash and shower equipment for full 15-minute flush.

Featured Products

Our Featured Safety Shower


AXION® MSR Floor Mount Emergency Drench Shower

Model 8100, floor mounted safety shower with AXION® MSR ABS plastic showerhead.

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8100 AXION® MSR Floor Mount Emergency Safety Shower

AXION® MSR Corrosion Resistant Emergency Drench Shower

Model 8133H, corrosion-resistant, all stainless steel horizontal supply safety shower with AXION® MSR stainless steel showerhead.

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