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Drinking Fountains and Electric Water Coolers

Haws manufactures a complete line of high-quality drinking fountains
and electric water coolers for your specific project needs.
Wall Mounted
Electric Water Coolers
Floor / Pedestal Mounted
Deck / Sink Mounted
Parts and Accessories
Water Bottle Filler

Drinking Fountains & Water Coolers

Choosing the right drinking fountain or electric water cooler can be a challenge. That's why we have designed our menu to cover specific styles of drinking fountains. Thus, if you are in need of a barrier-free ADA compliant drinking fountain, a green energy efficient and water efficient water cooler, a filtered drinking fountain, a refrigerated water cooler, frost-resistant water coolers, drinking fountains for kids and small children, sports bottle fillers, or any other style of water cooler, we have hopefully made your challenge as easy as possible.