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Haws portable eyewash solutions allow you to build your mobile work site with confidence. From gravity-fed eyewash stations that can be installed at a moments notice to portable pressurized eyewashes, Haws portable products are the perfect safety solution for a highly-mobilized, dynamic workplace.

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Primary: Portable Eyewash Stations

What are portable primary eyewash stations?

A portable emergency eyewash is a self-contained ANSI Z358.1 compliant emergency response product that is needed for locations without access to water and can be moved at a moments notice to meet the rapidly evolving needs of a chemical, manufacturing, or construction environment.

When is a portable primary eyewash station needed?

A portable emergency eyewash can be used anywhere an emergency eyewash system is needed but does not have access to a continuous source of potable water. The advantage over plumbed units is the mobility feature. This allows safety professionals to relocate the equipment as needed to stay compliant with ANSI and OSHA emergency equipment distance requirements.

What are the ANSI requirements for portable primary eyewash stations?

Portable primary equipment are still required to meet the ANSI Z358.1 requirements including flow rates, temperature requirements, etc. Self-contained units should be visually checked weekly to determine if flushing fluid needs to be changed and should be conducted in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. For more details about ANSI requirements, please visit our ANSI Z358.1 Resources page, or contact our highly-experienced customer service team for personal assistance in selecting the best equipment.

Air-Charged Portable Eyewashes

Portable Eyewash Haws 7603

Model 7603

15-gallon, self-contained portable eyewash. Ideal, cost-efficient solution to satisfy ANSI eyewash requirements in areas without continuous potable water.

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120V Portable Air-Pressurized Tempered Emergency Eyewash Model: 7603T

Model 7603T

15-gallon eyewash that uses a heated, insulated blanket to provide ANSI-compliant tempered, potable water in ambient operating temperatures from -20°F (-29°C) to 100°F (38°C).

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7601.37 Portable Emergency Air-Pressurized Eyewash Model: 7601.37

Model 7601.37

37-gallon, self-contained portable eyewash with an ASME rated tank. Ideal solution for areas without continuous potable water and where an ASME tank is required.

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Gravity-Fed Portable Eyewashes

Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash

Model 7501

Portable gravity-fed eyewash with 9-gallon (34.1 L) capacity tank. Meets a facility's ANSI eyewash requirements in areas without continuous potable water.

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Tempered, Gravity-Fed, Portable Eyewash Model: 7501T

Model 7501T

9-gallon, gravity-fed tempered portable eyewash that uses a heated, insulated blanket to provide ANSI compliant tempered water in ambient operating temperatures from -30°F to 100°F.

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Portable Self Contained Heated Eyewash Model: 7500EB

Model 7500EB

16-gallon, freeze-resistant portable eyewash fully functional to -30°F, staying between 65° and 75° using a 1000 watt heating element.

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