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Haws® Services is a warranty and service provider for all brands of emergency shower and eye/face wash products to ensure your emergency equipment is ANSI compliant and functioning properly. From startup and commissioning to annual inspections and preventative maintenance, Haws Services' experts specialize in emergency response equipment.

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Reliable Product Commissioning:

We are committed to helping our customers integrate all systems and components of emergency equipment for optimal usability. From new products to existing systems, we provide assistance on all aspects of a product lifecycle. Our Start-up and Commissioning is a comprehensive five point service designed to ensure reliability of the equipment. This service includes:

  • Detailed equipment review to ensure correct installation according to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Systematic operational check to confirm proper functioning of the unit.
  • Comprehensive training for equipment operation, maintenance with recommended preventative maintenance requirements and troubleshooting information.
  • Clients are provided with a complete checklist and debriefing discussion. Our commissioning experts provide complete and thorough services according to the products operational requirements.

Comprehensive ANSI Z358.1 Annual Inspections:

ANSI compliance is a crucial component of emergency eyewash and shower first aid. Haws Services offers in-depth, onsite evaluation and testing to assess your facility’s true compliance against the ANSI yearly requirements. Annual inspection service includes:

  • Meticulous check for proper installation and activation of the equipment to assess equipment performance requirements against the standard.
  • Detailed report includes an executive summary of the current state of the equipment
  • Inspection report for each asset that identifies and documents compliance gaps, potential root causes, and recommendations.

Preventative Maintenance:

For many facilities, the ongoing requirements needed to maintain properly functioning emergency showers and eyewashes can be challenging in conjunction with all the other safety and first aid systems. Haws Services offers all-inclusive services to guarantee accurate installation, maintenance, testing, and training to ensure compliance and proper equipment functionality throughout its lifespan. Preventative Maintenance contracts are available.

Online or Onsite ANSI Z358.1 Competent Person Training and Certification:

With many safety policies and standards to abide by, it can be difficult to be knowledgeable and proficient on all important details. Haws Services offers onsite and online step-by-step ANSI compliance education and training support to help your team with a better understanding of the value and importance of compliant equipment and the potentially severe effects of non-compliance. Training includes guidelines review, best practices, and testing to ensure comprehension. This training is ideal for site personnel responsible for conducting weekly activations and annual inspections.

Emergency Equipment Product Repairs and Upgrades:

Onsite repairs and/or upgrades by experienced and knowledgeable ANSI compliant emergency shower and eye/face wash experts.

All-Inclusive Warranty Support:

Haws Services is the warranty services provider for Haws Integrated’s emergency response shower and eyewash and tempered water booth systems. Our qualified service technicians work closely with the product’s engineering team to provide the best support both onsite and remotely.

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