Host Property Achieves LEED Silver Certification
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The U.S. Green Building Council awarded The Axiom® Hotel LEED® Silver certification for its green initiatives. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a green building certification program that recognizes performance in key areas of environmental and human health such as site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

The Axiom Hotel was designed by Host Hotels & Resorts® to achieve LEED certification. Guestrooms feature dual-flush toilets to reduce water usage and Smart TVs with information guides and dining menus to limit paper waste. The Axiom also participates with PressReader to provide paperless newspapers and magazines for guests. Filtered ice and water stations are located on every floor and recycling bins are available throughout the hotel. Other green initiatives include a high efficiency HVAC system with integrated energy management that monitors occupancy to control temperatures, power-saving fiber optic cabling, energy efficient LED lighting and instant hot water heaters.

Desk and Smart TVInsulated window

Water filtering station and ice maker

Learn more about Axiom HotelÔÇÖs sustainability efforts┬áand LEED Silver certification┬áand HostÔÇÖs┬áCorporate Responsibility program.

How to Fundraise for Your Own Brita® Hydration Station®!

Looking to earn your own Brita® Hydration Station®? Drink up® and Brita® Hydration Station® have teamed up to help groups fundraise to earn their very own Brita® Hydration Station®! Both Brita® Hydration Station® and Drink Up® are devoted to help raise awareness about the benefits of drinking water and healthy hydration.

How the fundraising program works:

  1. Submit a request to receive an order form.
  2. Place your order selecting product model type and bottle color along with your custom logo.
  3. Install your new Brita® Hydration Station®
  4. Sell Nalgene® bottles with your custom logo on it
  5. Proceeds pay for the new Brita® Hydration Station®!



To learn more about the program or to get started, visit the Brita® Hydration Station® Fundraising Page or watch the short presentation below that goes over the fundraising program details.

Behold! Hydration Station Discoveries!

Brita Hydration Station at the AC Hotel Fitness Center in Washington DC


Brita Hydration Station installed at the Global Impact STEM Academy. “Fillin up these official GISA @nalgeneusa bottles with some tasty #Brita filtered water. #cleanwater #goinggreen #fillerup — way to create and lead this project! #stem #studentleadlearning”


Brita Hydration Station comes to the Seay building thanks to Centenary College Enactus. Making a sustainable change to our college community #centgoesgreen ! Purchase a reusable water bottle today to bring more stations to new locations on campus!


@jackieganz “Oh let me just stop at the hydration station to fill up. I need one of these! @joicafe #brita #hydrationstation


Look what we added to our fitness center today! #carringtonhills #fitness #hydrationstation #brita #healthyliving #franklintn #workout


Need a refill of H2O during your workout? Fill up at the #hydrationstation #fitnesscenter #workout #brita #Modera44 #MillCreekRes

Brita Hydration Station Recognized at NAMA One Show

The Brita® Hydration Station® booth at the NAMA One Show in November received some recognition in the February issue of Vending Times Magazine.

“Brita Professional’s Matt DeShon showcases Brita Hydration Station, offered in several floor-standing and countertop configurations. The model 2520 (pictured here) boasts a clean and professional design that provides a dependable, low-maintenance hot and cold option for basic filtration needs. Visit”


Visit to learn more about the Brita® product family and how you can provide Brita® filtered water to your office, school, or facility.

For a limited time,┬áuse code “TOUCH-FREE” for $150 off wall mount bottle fillers.┬á


Stop by at the Coffee, Water & Tea Expo

Stop by our booth #230 at the NAMA Coffee, Tea & Water Expo!

This expo is an interactive learning and networking event for professionals to explore the latest innovations in coffee, tea and water products and services.

Stop by booth #230 to learn more about the Brita® Professional line from the latest bottle fillers to the newest efficient water coolers. Present a copy of this blog post at the booth, and you will receive a free water bottle while supplies last.

Visit our website to learn more about the Brita® Hydration Station® today.

We look forward to seeing you there!

South Los Angeles Youth Debut School Hydration Station to Make Water the Healthy and Easy Choice

LOC-hydration-station2LOS ANGELES, Sept. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — National Health Foundation’s Health Academy youth and community partners celebrated the youths’ effort to bring the first hydration station to a high school in South Los Angeles with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, September 16th,┬á2015┬áat Thomas Jefferson High School.

Health Academy youth were prompted into action after alarming results from their campus-wide survey showed that two-thirds of water fountains on campus were rated poor and/or inoperable by their peers. In addition, 60% of peers stated that therefore they did not drink water on campus and opted for sugary drinks instead. Youth worked closely with school administration to address this issue.

Students led an initiative to increase the number of students consuming water on campus by educating their peers and making changes to the school’s built environment with the goal of making water the healthy and easy choice.┬á Health Academy students worked tirelessly to secure donations for the installation of a “hydration station” on-campus.┬á Brita generously donated a hydration station unit and the students secured funding from Central Alameda and South Central Neighborhood Councils for the installation of the unit.

The new hydration station is a Brita touch-free surface mounted hygienic cooling water unit that will help keep students and the school community healthy and hydrated.  By providing easy access to clean, safe water, the youth hope to improve water consumption for their peers and bring a healthy alternative to high-sugar beverage options.

“Our goal was to encourage students, faculty and the school community to drink more water. The hydration station is necessary for students because it provides both easy access to a cool drink of water as well as the ability to fill their reusable water containers. ┬áThe idea here is for Jefferson students to make drinking water a habit that will lead to a healthier lifestyle overall,” said Health Academy student,┬áJoshua Guzman.

National Health Foundation’s (NHF’s) Health Academy is an after school program at Thomas Jefferson High School that engages youth ages 14-18. The program empowers dedicated youth to lead initiatives that build community and stakeholder support for policy, system, and environmental changes that work to improve the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and opportunities for physical activity in the community. Funding for the program is provided by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health through a Nutrition Education Obesity Prevention grant, also known as Champions for Change.


To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:

SOURCE National Health Foundation

THROWBACK: Brita Unfiltered Presents Dave Matthews Band

THROWBACK to Dave Matthews Band Tour in featuring Brita Hydration Stations!

Dave Matthews Band and Brita FilterForGood encourage fans to reduce their bottled water waste during the band’s 2012 Summer Tour. Brita supported Dave Matthews Bands efforts of a “greener tour” by reducing disposable water bottles. Check out the video below to see how the Brita Hydration Stations were a big part of taking the tour “green”!

Join us at IFMA 2015 – Booth #339


Join us at the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) World Workplace Conference and Expo, October 7-8, 2015 in Denver, CO.

IFMAÔÇÖs World Workplace is a hands-on, interactive learning and networking event for professionals who support all aspects of the work environment.

Stop by booth #339 to learn more about the Brita® Professional line from the latest bottle fillers to the newest efficient water coolers. Present a copy of this blog post at the booth, and you will receive a free water bottle while supplies last.

Visit our website to learn more about the Brita® Hydration Station® today.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Download the Brita® Hydration Station® brochure now.
View the Brita® Hydration Station® overview video.

Have you seen a Brita® Hydration Station®?

Have you spotted a Brita® Hydration Station®? You will find this great-tasting filtered water typically in an office setting, school, concert, festival, and pretty much everywhere!

From the touch-free bottle filler to the newest efficient water cooler, water station, and water bottle filling stations, Brita® Hydration Stations® offer unlimited access to the most trusted name in water filtration, Brita®.

Below are photographs taken from those who spotted a Brita® Hydration Station®. Stay hydrated always with Brita® Hydration Station®! #hydrationstation #britahydrationstation #brita

brita stations1unlvBHSbrita hydrationbrita 1


Have You Seen a Haws?

Have you seen a Haws product installed out in the field? If so, hashtag #Haws for a chance to win a $25 Starbucks card!


AXION® eyePOD® from a Toronto based dental practice. @targetcontracting

Antique Haws drinking fountain in Arizona. @iamkalin

Brita® Hydration Station® installation on UNLV campus. @ttbtatunlv

Haws bubbler head. @rusticranger


Haws eyewash poster. @moxymoth


Brita® Hydration Stations® unveiled at Coachella Valley High

Forget the old rusty water fountains, Coachella Valley High School unveiled a new way for students to stay hydrated.

In a collaboration with Brita, the leading maker of water filtration products, Coachella Valley High School has now installed two new hydration stations. The hope is that it will produce a flow of clean drinking water and save hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles from making their way to landfills.

Another side benefit could be the health of the students. The Coachella Valley High School administration is working hard to ensure that its students choose water over sugary drinks. Many, especially those who live in unincorporated areas lack access to clean drinking water.

“We really are telling the kids, you need to drink water and not the sodas,” principal Victor Uribe said.

Students line up to use a new Brita hydration station at Coachella Valley High School on Thursday. The hydration stations allow students to access to clean free drinking water. (Photo: Lauren Reyes/The Desert Sun)
Most of the school’s water fountains are very old, having two modern ones is sure to impact students’ lives positively.

“There is always a line (at the water fountain) even after the bell rings” Uribe said.

Coachella councilwoman Betty Sanchez, who graduated from CVHS was also at the unveiling.

“It’s just very exciting, I mean they are getting the best of the best right here,” Sanchez said. “This is progress in the making.”

Coachella Valley High School students test out a new
Coachella Valley High School students test out a new Brita hydration station on Thursday. This is the first Brita hydration station on the Coachella Valley High School campus. (Photo: Lauren Reyes/The Desert Sun)

Sanchez believes that it is essential that children and young adults develop healthy habits to ensure that they stay strong and focused.

“We have to encourage our youth, start them young to drink water and see the value in drinking water,” she said. “We need to take care of our health in general, there is a big cost to being unhealthy.”

More water stations are scheduled to be installed at the school in the future through the ongoing collaboration between the Regional Access Project Foundation and Mission: Readiness. Both organizations advocate for projects that invest in the youth.

Students use Brita hydration station to access free
Students use Brita hydration station to access free clean drinking water at Coachella Valley High School. The non-profit organization, Mission: Readiness, along with the Regional Access Project Foundation coordinated the donation of Coachella Valley High SchoolÔÇÖs first Brita hydration station as part of the ÔÇśRethink your DrinkÔÇÖ campaign on June 11, 2015.┬á(Photo: Lauren Reyes/The Desert Sun)

[The Desert Sun]

Can Drinking Fountains Make a Comeback?

In an effort to not use plastic water bottles, drinking fountains are coming back into style. Drinking fountains are saving the environment while keeping people hydrated (Go Haws!).


In Lafayette, Louisiana, a few men who are frequent runners, are in works of bringing drinking fountains back to Lafayette┬áand they are seeking help.┬áLast fall, Mark C. LeBlanc and Butch Roussel were running together and lamenting that the lack of drinking water fountains limited to their route. Roussel had just launched, a crowdfunding/kick-starter website to fund community projects,”That seemed like a logical way to bring filtered water fountains to various neighborhoods where people are active”, LeBlanc said.

The Hydrate Lafayette project took months to coordinate. Getting permission and help from from various Lafayette businesses and organizations like: consolidated government departments, works with a plumber, homeowners, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Department of Industrial Design, and architecture took time.Screen-Shot-2015-04-11-at-5.01.33-PM

LeBlanc stated,”A couple of people in Lafayette have water fountains on their mailboxes. They let anyone drink out of them. That gave us the idea to see if we could get more homeowners to put fountains in.”

“Using 80 percent recycled materials, UL students designed and built several structures to support a water source and four winners were selected”, LeBlanc said. Four others will be pedestal-type fountains similar to brick mailboxes, he said.

Now they’re trying to fund the $14,500 project through under Hydrate Lafayette. As of noon 6/5/15, they were approaching 30 percent of their goal with only 24 days left.

The drinking stations will serve runners, bicyclists, walkers, children playing in neighborhoods, pets, the homeless and athletes. Two station locations that have been revealed thus far at St. Joseph Diner and the UL intramural field.

“The initial idea was for runners and walkers, people who are active,” Roussel said. “But when you involve something like St. Joseph Diner, that’s an area of town where people could use the fountain for a necessity, not because I don’t want to bring my water bottle around.”

It’s about more than that for LeBlanc, too.

“I would like to see it succeed to prove to the public if you want something done you don’t have to wait for politicians and bureaucrats to do it,” he said.

Want to help fund public water fountains in Lafayette?

Visit and Hydrate Lafayette.

Source: Claire Taylor

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