Host Property Achieves LEED Silver Certification
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The U.S. Green Building Council awarded The Axiom® Hotel LEED® Silver certification for its green initiatives. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a green building certification program that recognizes performance in key areas of environmental and human health such as site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

The Axiom Hotel was designed by Host Hotels & Resorts® to achieve LEED certification. Guestrooms feature dual-flush toilets to reduce water usage and Smart TVs with information guides and dining menus to limit paper waste. The Axiom also participates with PressReader to provide paperless newspapers and magazines for guests. Filtered ice and water stations are located on every floor and recycling bins are available throughout the hotel. Other green initiatives include a high efficiency HVAC system with integrated energy management that monitors occupancy to control temperatures, power-saving fiber optic cabling, energy efficient LED lighting and instant hot water heaters.

Desk and Smart TVInsulated window

Water filtering station and ice maker

Learn more about Axiom Hotel’s sustainability efforts and LEED Silver certification and Host’s Corporate Responsibility program.

Units in Action: Mission Readiness Donates Hydration Stations®

bhs install

Four donated Brita® Hydration Stations® were recently installed at College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA with the support of Mission: Readiness – Military Leaders For Kids and Regional Access Project Foundation. College of the Desert serves over 10,000 students and, as one of 112 community colleges in California, represents a vital part of the world’s largest system of higher education.

bhs install2

Increasing access and consumption of safe drinking water where youth live, learn and play is an important initiative taking hold in California and across the nation. Studies link rising obesity rates to the consumption of sugary beverages, among other factors. These are beverages with added sugar and include sodas, sports drinks, and fruit-flavored drinks. Water is an essential, calorie-free alternative that can be used to help combat childhood obesity and improve students’ readiness to learn by maintaining proper hydration.

bhs install3

Since 1964, Pathfinder Ranch has been committed to providing youth from diverse backgrounds with affordable outdoor education and summer learning programs. Research shows that during summer, children (on average) fall one month behind where they left off academically at the end of the school year. Programs like the ones offered at Pathfinder Ranch can help mitigate this learning loss.bhs install4

During a picnic to recognize supporters of the Ranch, Mission: Readiness – Military Leaders For Kids members, Major General (Ret.) John Bianchi, U.S. Army and Brigadier General (Ret.) Guido Portante, U.S. Army helped unveil a new Hydration Station donated by Brita in partnership with Mission: Readiness that will serve 9,000 youth from across the region who participate in quality programming at Pathfinder Ranch on an annual basis.


Behold! Hydration Station Discoveries!

Brita Hydration Station at the AC Hotel Fitness Center in Washington DC


Brita Hydration Station installed at the Global Impact STEM Academy. “Fillin up these official GISA @nalgeneusa bottles with some tasty #Brita filtered water. #cleanwater #goinggreen #fillerup — way to create and lead this project! #stem #studentleadlearning”


Brita Hydration Station comes to the Seay building thanks to Centenary College Enactus. Making a sustainable change to our college community #centgoesgreen ! Purchase a reusable water bottle today to bring more stations to new locations on campus!


@jackieganz “Oh let me just stop at the hydration station to fill up. I need one of these! @joicafe #brita #hydrationstation


Look what we added to our fitness center today! #carringtonhills #fitness #hydrationstation #brita #healthyliving #franklintn #workout


Need a refill of H2O during your workout? Fill up at the #hydrationstation #fitnesscenter #workout #brita #Modera44 #MillCreekRes

Brita Hopes to Make Big Splash With Stephen Curry

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Brita is eager to find out whether an NBA star’s endorsement can do for water filters what it has done over the years for everything from soft drinks and sports drinks to apparel and restaurants.

The brand has debuted a new 30-second spot featuring the athlete. In it, Mr. Curry is surrounded by water as he takes shots on a CGI-infused basketball court and talks about water. Another one of his endorsements can be spotted in the Brita commercial, as he dribbles an Under Armour basketball, and wears that brand’s clothing. “You are what you drink,” he says near the end of the commercial, after taking a sip of water from a glass with the Brita logo on it.

The Clorox brand surprised some basketball fans when it announced that Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry would promote its water filters, and the idea of drinking more water in general, rather than teaming up with a larger beverage brand.

“He’s really a great role model for that millennial consumer, and that’s a direction that we want to make sure Brita is moving against effectively,” said Jon Schlesinger, Brita’s VP-marketing.

This week, Mr. Curry appeared at an Oakland, Calif., school to speak with students about the benefits of drinking water. Brita also announced a contest for people to come up with ideas for commercials about water, with the winning spot, set to air later this year, featuring Mr. Curry.

The moves come as Brita tries to grow usage of its filters, especially among the younger crowd that Mr. Curry appeals to.

Learn more about the Brita Hydration Station.

Facts & Solutions: Lead in Drinking Water

As recently reported in multiple media outlets, high levels of lead are tainting water systems across our country. Here are some data points and facts we have collected to help summarize the issues and challenges facilities and homes are facing:


With many factors influencing water safety levels, we wanted to highlight some of the safety features of our bottle fillers and their certifications for those looking for solutions.


Brita Hydration Station Recognized at NAMA One Show

The Brita® Hydration Station® booth at the NAMA One Show in November received some recognition in the February issue of Vending Times Magazine.

“Brita Professional’s Matt DeShon showcases Brita Hydration Station, offered in several floor-standing and countertop configurations. The model 2520 (pictured here) boasts a clean and professional design that provides a dependable, low-maintenance hot and cold option for basic filtration needs. Visit”


Visit to learn more about the Brita® product family and how you can provide Brita® filtered water to your office, school, or facility.

For a limited time, use code “TOUCH-FREE” for $150 off wall mount bottle fillers. 


Stop by at the Coffee, Water & Tea Expo

Stop by our booth #230 at the NAMA Coffee, Tea & Water Expo!

This expo is an interactive learning and networking event for professionals to explore the latest innovations in coffee, tea and water products and services.

Stop by booth #230 to learn more about the Brita® Professional line from the latest bottle fillers to the newest efficient water coolers. Present a copy of this blog post at the booth, and you will receive a free water bottle while supplies last.

Visit our website to learn more about the Brita® Hydration Station® today.

We look forward to seeing you there!

South Los Angeles Youth Debut School Hydration Station to Make Water the Healthy and Easy Choice

LOC-hydration-station2LOS ANGELES, Sept. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — National Health Foundation’s Health Academy youth and community partners celebrated the youths’ effort to bring the first hydration station to a high school in South Los Angeles with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 at Thomas Jefferson High School.

Health Academy youth were prompted into action after alarming results from their campus-wide survey showed that two-thirds of water fountains on campus were rated poor and/or inoperable by their peers. In addition, 60% of peers stated that therefore they did not drink water on campus and opted for sugary drinks instead. Youth worked closely with school administration to address this issue.

Students led an initiative to increase the number of students consuming water on campus by educating their peers and making changes to the school’s built environment with the goal of making water the healthy and easy choice.  Health Academy students worked tirelessly to secure donations for the installation of a “hydration station” on-campus.  Brita generously donated a hydration station unit and the students secured funding from Central Alameda and South Central Neighborhood Councils for the installation of the unit.

The new hydration station is a Brita touch-free surface mounted hygienic cooling water unit that will help keep students and the school community healthy and hydrated.  By providing easy access to clean, safe water, the youth hope to improve water consumption for their peers and bring a healthy alternative to high-sugar beverage options.

“Our goal was to encourage students, faculty and the school community to drink more water. The hydration station is necessary for students because it provides both easy access to a cool drink of water as well as the ability to fill their reusable water containers.  The idea here is for Jefferson students to make drinking water a habit that will lead to a healthier lifestyle overall,” said Health Academy student, Joshua Guzman.

National Health Foundation’s (NHF’s) Health Academy is an after school program at Thomas Jefferson High School that engages youth ages 14-18. The program empowers dedicated youth to lead initiatives that build community and stakeholder support for policy, system, and environmental changes that work to improve the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and opportunities for physical activity in the community. Funding for the program is provided by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health through a Nutrition Education Obesity Prevention grant, also known as Champions for Change.


To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:

SOURCE National Health Foundation

Join us at IFMA 2015 – Booth #339


Join us at the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) World Workplace Conference and Expo, October 7-8, 2015 in Denver, CO.

IFMA’s World Workplace is a hands-on, interactive learning and networking event for professionals who support all aspects of the work environment.

Stop by booth #339 to learn more about the Brita® Professional line from the latest bottle fillers to the newest efficient water coolers. Present a copy of this blog post at the booth, and you will receive a free water bottle while supplies last.

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We look forward to seeing you there!

Download the Brita® Hydration Station® brochure now.
View the Brita® Hydration Station® overview video.

Does Your School or University Have Brita®Hydration Station’s®?

It all comes back to that time of year again, school. A fun part about going back-to-school is back-to-school shopping! Don’t forget to get your back to school essentials from pencils, backpacks, paper, notebooks, binders, and your Brita®Hydration Station® of course!homeblock-brita-hydration-station

Brita®Hydration Station’s® practical, low-maintenance water bottle fillers are unobtrusive and can be placed in residence halls, athletic facilities, student unions, and other high-traffic areas. The refill stations encourage students to use more environmentally friendly containers instead of disposable plastic bottles, helping schools walk the walk when it comes to sustainability issues.

Ok, maybe they aren’t available at your local school supply store but we do have multiple purchasing options on how to get one for your school including our Fundraising Program.

Your school or University may qualify for additional savings by applying to the Brita®Hydration Station® fundraising program!

All you have to do is click here and you will be taken to the contact form. Once the form is filled out, the road your Brita®Hydration Station® begins! Check out the Brita®Hydration Station® fundraising program overview video below for more details.

More about Hydration and Brita® Hydration Station® with GM, Ted Hertz

Ted_Hertz_jpgRecently, we took some time to interview General Manager of Hydration, Ted Hertz! Ted Hertz gives us an insight on how the Hydration business is going, and where he see’s the Hydration business heading.

How is the hydration business currently?

The Hydration market is growing and shifting rapidly. It seems every day there are new innovations with ordinary water distribution. Advances include more access to quality filtered water via vending machines which fill re-useable bottles in public venues, and then for office and homes, water dispensers offering sparkling and flavored options. User demand is changing too. People want variety and options. And younger generations want products that support environmentally friendly efforts.

Why did Haws decide to get into the POU (point-of-use) sector?

The past 15 years of my career has been in water, starting with bottled water. I love the benefits of water and it always amazed me how much people cherished their bottled water – but I hated the waste of bottles. POUs are a natural evolution as we adjust to user demands and expectations. People associate the Haws name with quality drinking water and we have a responsibility to the our customers to evolve as they do.

What other markets do we see ourselves getting into in the next 1-3 years?

Expect to see more Brita® branded products added to our portfolio and more levels of filtration options in our products. We are seeing a lot of traction in different industries including medical and industrial. Our products are suited for their needs because of their durability in high-use and harsh environments.

Should we expect any changes in the drinking fountain business in the near future?

We will certainly see changes in how water is dispensed, both in form and function. Haws is looking hard at how to continue to lead the pack and differentiate our offering based on customer feedback.

What do you like most about your job?

The challenge of taking a 100 year old product line in drinking fountains and combining that with options like filtration, bottle-less coolers and the Brita® brand to create a successful portfolio for long into the future.

What’s your favorite beverage of choice?

Water, of course. But a nice bottle of wine is a close second!

Have you seen a Brita® Hydration Station®?

Have you spotted a Brita® Hydration Station®? You will find this great-tasting filtered water typically in an office setting, school, concert, festival, and pretty much everywhere!

From the touch-free bottle filler to the newest efficient water cooler, water station, and water bottle filling stations, Brita® Hydration Stations® offer unlimited access to the most trusted name in water filtration, Brita®.

Below are photographs taken from those who spotted a Brita® Hydration Station®. Stay hydrated always with Brita® Hydration Station®! #hydrationstation #britahydrationstation #brita

brita stations1unlvBHSbrita hydrationbrita 1


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