Enhancing Hydration: The Importance of Drinking Fountain and Bottle Filler Filters

In an era where health and sustainability are paramount, one innovation stands out as a symbol of progress: filtered bottle fillers. These modern marvels offer more than just a convenient way to refill your water bottle; they embody a commitment to improved public health and hygiene. In this article, we delve into the pivotal role that drinking fountain filters play in ensuring clean, safe, and refreshing water for everyone.

The Crucial Connection to Health and Hygiene

Preventing Waterborne Illnesses: Waterborne illnesses have the potential to spread rapidly, causing outbreaks that affect communities far and wide. Filtered bottle fillers act as the first line of defense against these threats. By utilizing advanced filtration technologies, these fillers effectively remove harmful contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. Such thorough filtration drastically reduces the risk of waterborne diseases, making filtered water from bottle fillers a reliable source of hydration.

Safe for Vulnerable Populations: Children, the elderly, and individuals with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to the adverse effects of waterborne pathogens. Filtered bottle fillers address this vulnerability by providing water that meets stringent safety standards. This accessibility to clean water is a critical step in safeguarding the health of those who need it the most.

Filter Technologies for Enhanced Hygiene

Carbon Block Filters and NSF/ANSI Certifications: Another key filtration technology used in bottle fillers is the carbon block filter. These filters are designed to remove impurities, chlorine, bad taste, and odors from water. Carbon block filters are known for their ability to enhance water flavor and clarity. When choosing a filtered bottle filler, look for NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 certifications. The NSF/ANSI 42 certification ensures that the filter improves taste and odor, while the NSF/ANSI 53 certification indicates that the filter effectively reduces contaminants that could impact health.

Reducing Contaminants with Multi-Layered Filters: The multi-layered filters used in bottle fillers are designed to eliminate various contaminants that can compromise water quality and taste. These filters effectively trap sediments, particles, chlorine, and organic compounds, leaving you with refreshing water that not only quenches your thirst but also supports your well-being.

Filter Media and its Role: Filter media, like activated carbon, plays a pivotal role in capturing impurities and enhancing water quality. Activated carbon has a porous structure that adsorbs contaminants, chemicals, and unpleasant odors, resulting in cleaner and better-tasting water. The use of high-quality filter media ensures that the water you consume is not only safe but also enjoyable.

Promoting Eco-Friendly Hydration

Plastic Reduction and Sustainability: The impact of plastic waste on our environment cannot be overstated. Filtered bottle fillers contribute to the reduction of single-use plastic bottles, curbing plastic pollution and promoting a more sustainable future. By choosing to refill your reusable water bottle at these fillers, you're making a positive impact on the planet's health as well.

Community Health and Environmental Wellbeing: The benefits of filtered bottle fillers extend beyond individual health. Accessible, clean water promotes community-wide health and ensures that everyone has the opportunity to stay hydrated without compromising their well-being. This aligns with the growing trend of conscious consumer choices that prioritize both personal and environmental health.

Encouraging Hygiene and Safe Habits

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning: Ensuring the continued effectiveness of filtered bottle fillers requires regular maintenance and cleaning. By following the manufacturer's guidelines and performing routine upkeep, you contribute to the ongoing provision of safe and clean water for all users.

Educational Signage: Education plays a pivotal role in promoting hygienic habits. Placing informative signage near bottle fillers not only emphasizes the benefits of filtered water but also encourages users to practice good hygiene, further elevating public health standards.

Filtered bottle fillers are more than just water dispensers; they embody a commitment to health, hygiene, and sustainability. Through advanced filtration technologies like UV filters and carbon block filters, these fillers ensure the delivery of safe, clean, and refreshing water. By choosing filtered bottle fillers, you're not only making a personal choice for better health but also contributing to a healthier and greener future for communities around the world. Spread the word, advocate for their installation in public spaces, and let's raise our glasses (or bottles) to improved public health through filtered hydration.

Haws Filter Guide

Filter Model


Filter 3000 Gal for Haws Electric Water Cooler

6428 & 6428-C

Filter 3000 Gal for Haws Electric Water Cooler


Filter 3000 Gal for Haws Electric Water Cooler


Filter 3000 Gal for Haws Electric Water Cooler


Filter 3000 Gal for Haws Electric Water Cooler


Used InRetrofit for 36XX-Series Drinking FountainsRetrofit for Drinking Fountains & Bottle Fillers All Filtered Models of 12XX-Series Electric Water Coolers & 36XX-Series Drinking FountainsRetrofit for Drinking Fountains & Bottle FillersRetrofit for Drinking Fountains & Bottle FillersHaws 2000S, 2000SMS, 2000SMSN, 2000SN, 2010, & 2010SMHaws 2000 & 2000SM
Connection to HeadQuarter Turn ConnectionQuarter Turn ConnectionN/AN/AThreaded ConnectionQuarter Turn Connection
Plumbing Ports3/8" Female Quick Connect (on Head)3/8" Female Quick Connect (on Head)1/4" Female NPT (on Filter)3/8" Female NPT (on Filter)1/4" Female Quick Connect (on Head)3/8" Female Quick Connect (on Head)
Gallon Rating3,000 Gallons3,000 Gallons1,250 Gallons1,000 Gallons2,500 Gallons2,500 Gallons
Maximum Service Flow Rate1.67 GPM1.67 GPM0.50 GPM0.50 GPM0.50 GPM0.75 GPM
Filter Media1 Micron Carbon Block1 Micron Carbon Block1 Micron Carbon Block5 Micron Granular Activated Carbon1 Micron Carbon Block20 Micron Granular Activated Carbon
Removes/ReducesChlorine Taste & Odor | Lead, Cysts, VOCChlorine Taste & Odor | Lead, Cysts, VOCChlorine Taste & Odor | Lead, Cysts, VOCChlorine Taste & Odor, SedimentChlorine Taste & Odor | Lead, Cysts, VOCChlorine Taste & Odor
CertificationsNSF/ANSI 42 & 53NSF/ANSI 42 & 53NSF/ANSI 42 & 53NSF/ANSI 42NSF/ANSI 42 & 53NSF/ANSI 42
Advanced FeaturesKit Includes 6428 Filter & 0110000786 Head, Plus Associated Mounting & PlumbingRFID Filter Detection (12XX Units Only)In-line FilterRetrofit OptionsElectronic Total Flow TrackingConvenient Quick Change Feature

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