During these unprecedented times, this is how we’re managing the “new norm”

As we enter the second month of these unprecedented times, we wanted to share how the Haws teams have pivoted to support the health and safety of our employees as well as serve our global communities. Haws is fortunate to have been identified as an essential business and therefore is fully operational in all regions. While things may not look the same in our facilities, one thing that does remain the same is our commitment to meet our ever-changing customer needs.

Mgmt-Thank-you-webMeetings look a little different as our teams are mostly working remotely and the typical workday doesn’t look the same with many employees balancing childcare and distance learning. While the environment may look different inside our offices, our teams have been engaged with our valued customers to listen to needs and work to create solutions that are essential right now.

Production_1_webIf you were to take a walk down the halls in our Northern Nevada headquarters, you would see only a handful of employees in their offices, but the production floor is working overtime to push orders out daily while practicing physical distancing and wearing masks.

Because of our extensive safety efforts onsite and our teams working remotely, our live Customer Service and Tech Support teams are still able to manage customer requests and provide quick replies to quotation and pricing requests. In addition, our Procurement team is successfully managing suppliers and vendors to fulfill customer needs with no delays. Thus far, inventory levels are fully stocked and all products continue to be available with no delays in shipments.

7603-200-Production-Floor-webRecently, in response to a customer request, teams have worked together to create a portable handwashing station using our pressurized eyewash station base and a gooseneck faucet to serve remote decontamination sites, short-term medical treatment areas and locations without a source of running water. The new 7603-200 Handwashing Station is currently available to ship immediately with inventory on-hand.

For additional product info, please Contact Us.

EWC_Banner_LinkedInAs we think about how we have pivoted to support the needs of our changing market, we also look at the launch of our all-new EWC 1200 Series and its benefits of providing filtered water and touchless bottle-filling options.

We also recently re-released our popular model 7501 Portable Eyewash with quality improvements for enhanced usability.

As we continue to prioritize the health of our employees, we are in a fortunate position to be expanding our workforce in the United States. To review open positions, please visit https://www.hawsco.com/company/careers/.

Hydration and the Holidays – and a Holiday Beverage Recipe

Hydration_HolidayTips Whether you’re hosting family or hitting the road over the Thanksgiving holiday, it is important to keep hydration in mind. Follow these simple tips to ensure you are getting enough water throughout your celebrations.


























HolidayCiderRecipe To add a little holiday cheer to your menu this year, follow this recipe for homemade apple cider from one of our favorite food bloggers, Ali – Gimme Some Oven. 



























Contributed by Lynne Pierce, Sr. Graphic Designer





Help your kids make healthy choices at school


It’s back to school for most students which means that summer is heading to a close. And while most of the U.S. has experienced extreme heat this year, it’s not only hot temperatures we must worry about with our children’s health and hydration.

Back to school means parents aren’t around throughout the day to monitor their children’s food and beverage consumption. According to a poll done by Nestle Waters, while 88% of children choose water when prompted by parents, 49% of kids have access to sweet drinks at school.

With access to bottle fillers, students can refill their reusable water bottles multiple times throughout the day and forego trips to vending machines for sugary drinks. With the Hydration By Haws® fundraising program, you can work with your school to create a healthy environment for students and the planet.

For more information on our fundraising program, visit https://www.hawsco.com/hydration/bottle-filler-fundraising-program/

or contact Joanne Benz at [email protected] to get your program kicked off.

Our Most Loyal Friends Need to Hydrate, Too

Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), adult dogs need about one ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. But growing puppies, despite their small size, drink proportionately more than their adult counterparts. And, on especially hot days our furry friends may need even more water. Help them stay hydrated this summer with solutions from Haws®. Visit https://www.hawsco.com for a variety of dog-friendly fountain options.


Shown here is the model 3500D

Shown here is the model 3500D











Haws Outdoor Modular Bottle Filler and Drinking Fountain with optional dog bowl attachment

Haws Outdoor Modular Bottle Filler and Drinking Fountain with optional dog bowl attachment











Post submitted by Joanne Benz, Market Researcher
Make Proper Hydration a Priority This 4th of July

Hydration_4th of July

With the 4th of July holiday quickly approaching, there are many questions we ask ourselves in preparation. Do we have enough briquettes/fuel for the BBQ? What food will we be cooking? Who else is bringing food? The drinks? If traveling, what needs to be packed, and is the gas tank full? In all our preparations, do we take proper hydration into consideration?

Whether we’re watching the fireworks at the beach, the park, or in our backyard, having plenty of fresh water available – for the whole family – is essential to having a safe and healthy holiday.

An average of six to eight glasses of water each day is important to stay hydrated, and if we’re out in the sun all day – eight to ten eight-ounce glasses is better. There are many water delivery options on the market, from one-time use plastic bottles (let’s protect the environment and avoid those), to reusable bottles, and insulated bottles that keep water cool for hours. Dehydration can happen quickly, especially when outdoors, so it is important to recognize the symptoms. If you start to have muscle cramps or headaches, or become lightheaded, you are probably becoming dehydrated. Be sure to carry water with you, or if at an event, know where it is provided.

And don’t forget that there are many foods that help with hydration; strawberries, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, pineapple, and watermelon are all great sources of water, so when planning your food items, be sure to add some of these options to your grocery list.

Enjoy the holiday, and be sure to hydrate!

Post submitted by Lynne Pierce, Sr. Graphic Designer






WEBINAR: A Comprehensive Guide to ANSI Z358.1 and Emergency Shower / Eyewash Compliance

Did you know that while the majority of business owners believe that their emergency equipment is fully functional, our research shows the reality is that there is a one in five chance they will work properly in an actual emergency?

If your facility requires emergency eyewashes or showers, attend a free CEU-certified webinar on June 19th, 2019 at 10am PT/ 1pm ET that will cover emergency equipment installation and the ANSI Z358.1 Standard.





During the webinar you will gain a better understanding of the ANSI and ADA standard for eyewash and shower equipment, and you will see a step-by-step overview on how to test your equipment for installation and performance compliance. At the end of the webinar I’ll be available to answer any of your questions during our live Q&A session.

If you are a member of ASPE, ABIH, or IFMA, you will receive a CEU for attending this webinar. Belong to another organization? We can provide Certificates of Attendance as well.

Drinking Fountains and ADA: Your Guide to Compliance. Attend This Webinar and Earn CEUs






The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that those with disabilities have equal access to facilities including wheelchair access to hydration products such as drinking fountains and bottle fillers. This free one-hour webinar will take you through the important dimensional requirements to know when designing a building or installing/retrofitting all types of hydration equipment.
CEU credits offered for AIA, ASPE, IFMA & ABIH members.*




The webinar will cover:

• 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design of drinking fountains and installation dimensions
• Quantity and location requirements
• Examples of improper installations, and how to correct
• Live Q&A with field expert panelist

Attendees will receive these complimentary materials after the webinar:

• Access to on-demand webinar and presentation slides
• ADA quick reference diagram

*must attend live webinar to receive CEU.



Hydration By Haws™ – Save the Planet One Bottle at a Time
Hydration By Haws

Hydration By Haws

Earth Day 2018 focused on plastic pollution. This year’s theme is Protect Our Species. Upon reflecting on our oceans and rivers and the fish and fowl that live and feed in these bodies of water, these two themes are enmeshed. Our oceans are such vast expanses of water, but they are all polluted with debris, most of it plastic.

A segment on 60 Minutes covered the pollution on the Midway Island – and not just how much debris ends up there, but how much of it is ingested by the birds that live there. The plastics floating in the ocean are broken up into smaller fragments by the waves, reefs and rocks. These fragments are mistaken by the birds to be food. Plastic is so ubiquitous on Midway that every single albatross on the island will likely die with a stomach full of it. A typical albatross stomach includes “stuff about the size of a cigarette lighter – everything from golf balls to shotgun shells, or chunks of plastic that used to be something bigger,” according to Bret Wolfe, deputy manager of the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. When birds die and decompose, the plastic in their guts remains. “Anywhere you see a big pile of plastic but nothing else,” Wolfe said, “that’s where an albatross died.” Link to segment.

So this year, let’s think about how we can help save the lives of not only the birds on Midway, but all of the birds and bees and all of the other species we share this beautiful planet with. For those wanting to rid themselves of plastic from one-use water bottles, Haws offers several alternatives, like our Hydration By Haws™ wall-mounted bottle filler, and retrofit bottle fillers for drinking fountains.


One Hydration By Haws™ unit can reduce the consumption of as many as 36,000 standard 16.9oz plastic bottles each year! Think how many birds and fish that reduction can save! Haws offers a fundraising program for schools and colleges, here’s how the program works;
Sell Nalgene® bottles with your school logo printed on them. The bottle sales proceeds pay for a new Hydration By Haws bottle filling station. After 90-days, pay for the filling station with the bottle sales proceeds. No money comes out of your budget! Install your Hydration By Haws unit and start reducing the amount of one-use plastic water bottles!


Post submitted by Lynne Pierce, Sr. Graphic Designer


Haws Sightings. We’re (almost) Famous.

Whether you’re taking a stroll through Central Park or chasing your kids through The Happiest Place on Earth, most likely you’ve come across a Haws drinking fountain and didn’t even know it. Or maybe you did.

We are everywhere, and below are a few images to prove it.

Around Disneyland























Throughout New York City

Haws_DF_NewYork_6 Haws_DF_NewYork_4





















Did you know that Haws can create custom drinking fountains? We can customize the color, materials, coating, and much more. A great example is the gold-colored fountain at the Guggenheim Museum, or the shiny coating on the fountain at the One World Trade Center, both shown above.  Learn more here


Even on TV










Can you guess the show? Here’s a hint the answer: Netflix’s The OA (season 2, episode 7)


Even our emergency equipment has been spotted on Alcatraz Island.











The next time you’re out, take a look at the fountains in your path. Find a Haws product? Submit it to [email protected] for a social share on our Facebook or Twitter page!


Haws is hiring!


Our Haws Sparks team is growing! With a dynamic team of professionals from diverse backgrounds, the Haws Sparks team grows by setting the conditions to attract the best talent from all over the world. Haws is a family-owned and operated business that manufactures drinking fountains, emergency equipment, and other products in facilities all over the world. Read more about the open positions in our Sparks, Nevada headquarters!

Our open positions are in departments from all over the business, including Assembly & Production, Manufacturing, Finance, Information Technology, Customer Service, Engineering, and more. We pride ourselves on being a family-oriented, fun, mature team with a mission to improve the health and safety of our global community. Are you the right fit for our team? Click the link below to learn about our team, see the open positions, and easily apply online.

Click here to see our open positions!

Attend our free ANSI Z358.1 webinar and earn CEUs
Register for this free webinar and earn CEUs

Register for this free webinar and earn CEUs


Here at Haws we have conducted over 800 site surveys since the program has launched and data gathered from 800+ sites and over 11,000 units inspected, we have found that only 12% of units are ANSI Z358.1 compliant. The data also shows that 78% of units are non-compliant due to performance-related issues, meaning that the units are not working properly and are not able to deliver proper first aid.

During this webinar we will have subject matter expert discuss the significant requirements of the ANSI Z358.1-2014 and how to ensure your equipment is compliant. Along with a live Q&A session, we will take you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to test your equipment for installation and performance compliance.

This webinar is free and CEUs will be offered to members of ASPE, ABIH and IFMA.


A New Year’s resolution we should all be following

2019_1stQtr_Inforgraph_v2 How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? Still hitting the gym every day? Getting up without hitting the snooze button? Making your bed before heading out of the house? But what about a simple resolution that is healthy and super easy to implement? Drinking more water everyday should be on top of all our lists as we think about living a healthy lifestyle.

In 2019, let’s all try and increase our water intake.


Infographic created by Lynne Pierce