Our Story

Plumbing and safety environments are evolving,
and Haws is leading the innovative charge.

Historical Timeline

Learn more about Haws history by viewing our historical timeline below.

Haws Historical Timeline1905: Thomas-Haws Inc. Plumbing Contractors is established.

1906: Luther Haws invents the first drinking fountain.

1909: Haws Sanitary Drinking Faucet Company is established.

1911: Receives patent in the U.S. for the world's first drinking faucet.

1917: California passes a law prohibiting the common drinking cup.

1933: Drops "Sanitary" from company name; becomes Haws Drinking Faucet Company.

1938: Introduces the self-contained electric water cooler.

1950: Introduces emergency drench showers and eyewashes into the product line.

1964: Begins warehousing products nationwide.

1972: Designs and develops the first "barrier-free" electric water cooler.

1972: Opens Haws International for export sales.

1977: Starts manufacturing in Sparks, Nevada, to expand production.

1985: Opens Haws AG in Kirchberg, Switzerland, to supply European market.

1993: Designs and develops the Polar Systems product group.

1995: Achieves ISO 9001 certification.

1996: Opens new 210,000 sq. ft. production facility in Sparks, Nevada.

1998: Changes name to Haws Corporation to allow the company to be easily identified with multiple product line.

1999: Opens Haws Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. in Singapore to supply Pacific Rim market.

2001: Haws world headquarters moves to Sparks, Nevada, with the closing of the Berkeley facility.

2001: Avlis-Haws do Brasil is established in San Paulo, Brazil.

2006: Haws Corporation has its first Centennial Celebration.

2015: Traynor Family EnterpriseTM launched as parent company over Haws and other businesses including Haws IntegratedTM.