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Electronic Lifecycle Control Water Filter



The certified replacement filter for the 2000 Series wall-mounted, sensor-operated bottle fillers offer exclusive capacity monitoring technology for users and product owners. By providing an accurate calculation of filter usage, users of the bottle filler are guaranteed superior filtered water with every activation. In addition, product owners are able to immediately observe consumption needs and manage replacement demands.

The advanced filter contains an onboard chip to store total gallon usage and interfaces with the bottle filler's internal Electronic Lifecycle Control system to allow water flow only until the filter reaches its total gallon capacity. Once the filter life is at 10% remaining, the external filter replacement indicator light will flash yellow upon activation signaling a replacement is needed soon. The indicator light will flash red when a replacement is required for continued use.

Certified filtration system for great-tasting water.

The model 6423 is a 2,500 gallon capacity filter with superior NSF/ANSI 42, 53 & 372 certifications for great-tasting water. The 1-micron filter uses activated coconut carbon block to reduce chlorine (taste and odor) and lead, and removes 99.9% of cysts. This filter works on bottle filler models 2000S, 2000SMS, 2000SN, 2000SMSN, .

Model 6423 replacement filter for bottle filler models 2000 and 2000SM.

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