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AXION eyePOD offers a thermostatically-controlled, low-profile, faucet-mounted eyewash that duplicates the methodology recommended and used by medical professionals.

Unique faucet mounted eyewash.

Mounting easily to standard faucets, the affordable eyePOD provides healthcare offices, laboratories, schools, and even households with medically consistent inverted eyewash flushing technology. In addition, the polished stainless steel exterior complements existing sink arrangements allowing for minimal disruption when not in use.

The convenient, medically superior way to remove eye contaminants.

Once installed, a simple rotation of the unit transforms normal faucet capabilities into a fully-functioning, ANSI compliant eyewash station. The AXION eyePOD is certified to NSF 61 and ANSI Z358.1.

Eye wash Faucet-Mounted Eye wash AXION® eyePOD®
Doctors' first choice for eye injury reduction.

Your best choice for victim comfort.

Medically Superior Response

The trademarked inverted water streams gently flush contaminants away from sensitive glands and ducts that surround the eye. The added protection to these valuable organs helps reduce against unnecessary injury.

Increased Victim Comfort

The smooth laminar flow of the AXION water streams provide no disruption between water layers allowing for an eyewash with consistent pressure and water lines at a predictable stream height for greater user comfort.

Clean, Hygienic Design

The polished stainless steel exterior is easy to clean, and when installed is unobtrusive in any setting. When not in use, the downward orientation of the eyewash nozzles ensure they are free of dust and debris accumulation.

Easy Installation

Several industry standard adaptors are included with the eyePOD. Simply unscrew the existing aerator and replace it with the eyePOD and adaptor. The unit allows normal sink functionality when not in use.

Built-In Hot Water Safety Shutoff

The eyePOD features a built-in thermostatic safety shutoff that automatically diverts all water through the bottom of the unit when temperatures reach 100° F (37° C). When the temperature falls back below 100° F, the eyewash flows are restored.


Easy to Operate
Rotate the front portion of the eyePOD one-half turn in either direction to point the spouts outward and activate the eyewash flow.

ANSI Z358.1 Compliant
When installed correctly, the AXION eyePOD is certified by CSA to meet ANSI Z358.1 standard for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment.

How to purchase

To purchase your AXION eyePOD eyewash online, please visit one of our authorized online distributors. Alternatively, please contact us directly with questions on pricing or information on how to buy.

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