There is No Sweat in Finding a Drinking Fountain!

Finding a source of drinking water has been made easy with the WeTap Application for iPhone and Android. The app is designed to show users all of the public drinking fountains in the area in an effort to curb the need to buy bottled water. WeTap hopes to stimulate a high amount of activity, in order to attract attention from public agencies to position drinking fountains in high demand areas.

A neat feature of the app is the ability to add a drinking fountain to the map to make available for everyone to see. You can also report unsatisfactory drinking fountains you come across. ย The WeTap organization is dedicated to making public drinking water a safe and delicious water source.


Have you downloaded the app yet? Where in the world has the We Tap app taken you? Send us photos of the drinking fountains that you have come across while looking for a fresh sip of water. We will have your photos featured in a future Haws blog post.

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