The University of Nevada, Reno’s (UNR) Water Bottle Ban Initiative

unrThe University of Nevada, Reno began their fall semester with a bang at their Taste of Reno event. The event welcomed new and returning students for the fall semester, with over 80 vendorsĀ from around the Reno/Sparks community including our HawsĀ®Ā promoting theĀ BritaĀ®Hydration StationĀ®!

Recently, The Associated Students of NevadaĀ (ASUN) President, Caden Fabbi, Ā announced his concern thatĀ the UniversityĀ hadĀ not adopted an important sustainability trends like other Universities. The new trend taking place at most Universities and Colleges is the eliminationĀ of single-use plastic water bottles. The banning of plastic water bottles not only helps the environment but can help provide students with alternatives for a source of water.

One such greatĀ alternative Ā is none other than ourĀ BritaĀ®Hydration StationĀ®! TheĀ BritaĀ®Hydration StationĀ® is a great water bottle filler for students on the go. The BritaĀ®Hydration StationĀ® helps with sustainability issues because it encourages reusable bottle usage and promotes a healthier environment and hydration option by offering advanced BritaĀ® filtration.

Below are photographs of UNR students raving over the reusable water bottles and information about theĀ BritaĀ®Hydration StationĀ®.