Make Proper Hydration a Priority This 4th of July

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With the 4th of July holiday quickly approaching, there are many questions we ask ourselves in preparation. Do we have enough briquettes/fuel for the BBQ? What food will we be cooking? Who else is bringing food? The drinks? If traveling, what needs to be packed, and is the gas tank full? In all our preparations, do we take proper hydration into consideration?

Whether we’re watching the fireworks at the beach, the park, or in our backyard, having plenty of fresh water available – for the whole family – is essential to having a safe and healthy holiday.

An average of six to eight glasses of water each day is important to stay hydrated, and if we’re out in the sun all day – eight to ten eight-ounce glasses is better. There are many water delivery options on the market, from one-time use plastic bottles (let’s protect the environment and avoid those), to reusable bottles, and insulated bottles that keep water cool for hours. Dehydration can happen quickly, especially when outdoors, so it is important to recognize the symptoms. If you start to have muscle cramps or headaches, or become lightheaded, you are probably becoming dehydrated. Be sure to carry water with you, or if at an event, know where it is provided.

And don’t forget that there are many foods that help with hydration; strawberries, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, pineapple, and watermelon are all great sources of water, so when planning your food items, be sure to add some of these options to your grocery list.

Enjoy the holiday, and be sure to hydrate!

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Creating Happy, Healthy, and Hydrated Children in Northern Nevada

Urban Roots’ Farm Camp programs are outdoor garden-based week-long day camps designed to inspire excitement for learning. Farm Camp programs coincide with the Washoe County School District (Northern Nevada) breaks. During 35 hours in the outdoors, campers ages 5-15 delve into the basics of plant biology, animal care, and nutrition while planting, tending, harvesting, and tasting food straight from the garden. Children leave camp with a deeper connection to their food, an appreciation for their community, and a wide-range of new experiences, skills, and friends.

This past summer, our Farm Camp programs provided an immersive experience for 429 children ages 5-15, 21% of which received tuition assistance through our scholarship program.

Haws donated reusable water bottles to help promote healthy hydration choices for children who left camp with a memento of their time at the Urban Roots Teaching Farm and were fully hydrated during each of their days at our summer-season Farm Camp. The water bottles provided a tangible lesson for environmental stewardship (reusable bottles vs. disposable), and, as an additional benefit, parents of students who received the water bottles reported that their children also pack the water bottles in their backpacks for school and continue to use them to this day!


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