Stay Hydrated With the Refill Not Landfill App

Nalgene® now offers a new hydration app titled Refill Not Landfill. The Refill Not Landfill tracks amounts of water one is drinking each day (64 ounces is recommended), how much money one saves by not purchasing bottled water, and one’s contribution in preventing landfills from occurring.

The Refill Not Landfill App is available through both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Below are pictures and a short video of the app and what the features are.

For more information click here to be directed to the Nalgene  App website.

4 Real Life Eyewash Installations

Take a photo of a Haws product you have or have seen and post it on our Facebook or hashtag #haws by April 30 and we’ll send you a free reusable Nalgene bottle!




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Happy Bottled Water Free Week!

As different groups and organizations are celebrating Bottled Water Free Day on all different days of this week, we are here to say Happy Bottled Water Free WEEK!

Bottle Water Free Week is a week of action to promote healthy and sustainable bottled water free communities. It was founded to raise awareness about the damages to our environment that bottled water creates.

Make a change in yours and others’ lives starting today by ditching plastic bottled water and taking the easy, smart, healthy and cost-saving way to hydration. Buy yourself a reusable bottle! There are various options available from a typical Nalgene bottle from your local store to customized reusable bottles you can design and buy online.

Make this week a life changing one!

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