Preparation: The Best Guard to an Emergency

Do you know the protocol to flushing hazardous chemicals off of your body in an emergency? It’s always a good rule of thumb to be knowledgeable on how to properly execute safety shower and eyewash performance in an emergency situation. Take the time to get to know the mechanics of the emergency equipment in your facility before an accident takes place. Casey Hayes, director of Haws Integrated™, recommends the following:




Furthermore, it’s essential to have functional emergency showers and eyewashes throughout your facility. Refer to our previous blog post ANSI Z358.1 FAQ: What is the Weekly vs. Annual Test for a break down on when it is appropriate to perform each test. We also offer a free webinar on the requirements for emergency eyewashes and showers. Click here to watch.





Recent Haws® Product Sightings!

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If you come across a Haws emergency eyewash, drinking fountain, Brita® Hydration Station® or any product, snap a photo, send it in and we’ll make you famous!


The Brita® Hydration Station® proves to be a great fit for colleges and universities that strive for a sustainable campus.


Staying hydrated on the beach is a must to sustain the fun throughout the day.


Atlanta Botanical Garden guests are thrilled with the placement of the Brita® Hydration Station®.


We’re delighted to see our users putting monthly safety audits as a top priority.


I wouldn’t do it if I were you. 20 GPM would make quite a mess.

Safety Tip: Product Suitability

Is your facility in need for new emergency equipment? Before investing the time and money in buying new equipment, it is critical that the correct product is sought after. Perhaps you work at a chemical plant and the risk of hazardous chemicals to be splashed in the facial area is high. The best solution in this case is an eye/face wash rather than just an eyewash that will only cleanse the eyes and not the face as well. Chemical reach may not only harm the eye area, which is why an eye/face wash is the best solution.


Once you have identified the proper type of equipment to invest in, refer to the ANSI Z358.1 standard for training, testing, installation, maintenance, location, and use. Here is a quick reference guide to what is expected out of each category of emergency equipment:

Find the emergency equipment that best suits your workplace here!

Video of Art Project Featuring a Haws Showerhead in Minnesota Business Park!

Check out the video and pictures from an art project created by Gita Ghei at Gita Patina.

The emergency showerheads are used in a storm water demonstration area which is part of an educational streetscape about engineered solutions and green energy.  There are 3 and each shower points to a different type of pavement.  The water bottle filling area is part of the idea for saving plastic bottles and re-filling and protecting water ways from more trash.

haws showerhead

installing haws shower

bottle filler

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