ANSI Z358.1 DEBATE: “1-Touch” vs. “1-Second” Activation

The  ANSI Z358.1 Standard (American National Standard) mandates that proper eyewash activation – which describes a unit going from “off” to “on”- shall take one second or less.  This requirement has held true since the inception of the ANSI Standard in 1981 and throughout all revisions including 1990, 1998, 2004, 2009 and 2014. Despite this, the myth that the eyewash must go from “off” to “on” in one motion continues to be inaccurately shared.

To quote the 2014 Standard: “The valve shall be simple to operate and shall go from “off” to “on” in 1 second or less.”

This disconnect in awareness of the activation requirement has come up especially pertaining to faucet-mounted eyewashes where it is required for the user to turn on the water supply and then activate the unit, hence a two motion activation.

Specifically, the Haws® AXION® eyePOD® faucet-mounted eyewash has proven through testing that it meets the “off to on in one second or less” activation requirement.

Mounting easily to standard faucets, the AXION eyePOD provides healthcare offices, laboratories, schools, and even households with medically consistent inverted eyewash flushing technology.

As seen below, a simple rotation of the unit transforms normal faucet capabilities into a fully-functioning, ANSI compliant eyewash station.

eyepod stage 1 eyepod stage 2 eyepod stage 3 eyepod stage 4

Medically Superior Response®
The trademarked inverted water streams gently flush contaminants away from sensitive glands and ducts that surround the eye. The added protection to these valuable organs helps reduce against unnecessary injury.

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For more information on the ANSI Z358.1 Standard for emergency showers and eyewashes, visit our ANSI Resources page.

FAQ’s on the AXION eyePOD Faucet-Mounted Eyewash

AXION® eyePOD®- An AXION Eyewash Everywhere

The AXION eyePOD offers a thermostatically-controlled, faucet-mounted eyewash that provides facilities with AXION Medically Superior Response eyewash capabilities in an attractive, low profile, cost efficient design.

How does it work?

Using the eyePOD is easy. Simply activate your faucet and rotate the front of the eyePOD one-half turn, either direction, to point the eyewash spouts upward. Water is discharged from the two eyewash ports for a soothing eye-cleansing experience. Once completed, rotate the eyePOD back to its standard position, with the logo facing upward, and water will flow naturally through your faucet.

When is a faucet-mounted eyewash needed?

The need for any eyewash depends on the level of workplace hazards. If there is a risk of splash, irritant or debris into the eyes, then most regulatory bodies mandate an ANSI Z358.1 Standard compliant eyewash with a 1-second activation. A faucet-mounted unit offers economical advantages, ease of use, and location convenience.

Where should it be located?

According to the ANSI Z358.1 Standard, it is recommended that units be in accessible locations not more than 10 seconds away from the hazard, on the same level as the hazard, and free from obstructions that may inhibit its immediate use.

What is included with the AXION eyePOD?

The AXION eyePOD comes with four common faucet adapters to allow the unit to mount onto almost any faucet. It is pre-assembled and has a .5 GPM (1.89 LPM) multi-stream faucet flow and an optional 1 GPM (3.78 LPM) single stream laminar faucet flow. Lastly, the unit comes with the ANSI Z358.1 Standard required signage and easy-to-understand installation, usage and maintenance instructions.

How do I install it?

Included with the eyePOD are a variety of industry standard adapters that allows it to be mounted onto most standard faucets. Unscrew the existing aerator from the bottom of your faucet and replace it with the eyePOD. Installation videos are available at

What certifications does the AXION eyePOD have?

The AXION eyePOD is certified by CSA to meet ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1 and ANSI Z358.1 Standards for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment. Product is compliant to NSF 61, California Health and Safety Code 116875 (AB 1953) and NSF/ANSI 372, along with all current Federal Regulations for the disabled including those in the Americans with Disabilities Act when properly installed on an ADA compliant faucet/sink with knee clearance installation.

 How often do I need to test the unit?

As per the ANSI Z358.1 Standard, the unit should be activated weekly to ensure proper performance. The unit can be easily tested witusing our ANSI Z358.1 checklist (available on

Is there a risk of having the water too hot?

No. The eyePOD features a built-in thermostatic safety valve that will automatically shut off eyewash flows at 100°F (37°C), diverting all water out through the aerator faucet at the bottom of the unit. This protects users from accidentally irrigating their eyes with water that is too hot. When water temperatures fall to an acceptable degree (below 100°F), eyewash flows are automatically restored. You do not need to replace the thermostatic safety valve if activated.

How do I clean and care for the unit?

We recommend using a mild soap and water combination when outside cleaning of the unit is required. The AXION eyePOD is self-draining when placed in the downward faucet mode and should always be returned to this mode after eyewash use to allow for drainage.

Why does this unit look so different from others on the market?

It is the only unit to contain a built-in thermostatic safety valve and to feature AXION MSR technology providing an inverted water flow pattern consistent with first aid protocols. This directional flow mitigates the risk of inhalation or ingestion of hazardous contaminants via the tear ducts during eye cleansing. Traditional eyewashes irrigate eyes in the opposite manner, potentially further injuring the victim’s eyes and nasal cavity. The eyePOD is the only faucet-mounted eyewash that duplicates healthcare professional methodology by flushing from the inside-out.

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New Case Study: AXION® eyePOD® – Extended Stay America Hotels

Exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals isn’t limited to industries like oil and natural gas. With routine contact to various cleaning chemicals and other hazards, employees in the hospitality/resort industry are at equal risk to injury.

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