Safety Tip: Product Suitability

Is your facility in need for new emergency equipment? Before investing the time and money in buying new equipment, it is critical that the correct product is sought after. Perhaps you work at a chemical plant and the risk of hazardous chemicals to be splashed in the facial area is high. The best solution in this case is an eye/face wash rather than just an eyewash that will only cleanse the eyes and not the face as well. Chemical reach may not only harm the eye area, which is why an eye/face wash is the best solution.


Once you have identified the proper type of equipment to invest in, refer to the ANSI Z358.1 standard for training, testing, installation, maintenance, location, and use. Here is a quick reference guide to what is expected out of each category of emergency equipment:

  • Eyewash: Efficient to injuries affecting only the eyes. Must have a simultaneous, uninterrupted, and controlled flow to both eyes.
  • Eye/face wash: Risk of injuries include the entire face as well as eyes. Must have a large enough dispensation of water to reach both the eyes and face.
  • Emergency shower: Used when a greater area of the body is at risk of injury. Water must cover a larger portion of the body and can also be used simultaneously with an eye wash or eye/face wash.

Find the emergency equipment that best suits your workplace here!

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