Q&A with New Managing Director of Haws PTE

Recently, Haws welcomed Per Lindvall as the new Managing Director of the Singapore office. Learn more about Per (including yummy food and great travel tips)!

What interested you to want to work for Haws Corporation?
I was asked to help Scot (a former colleague) find an MD, but as the discussions continued, I realized that I was actually interested myself. As I have a long background in the safety business, I thought it would be interesting to return back after almost 15 years of absence.

What are the highlights of your experiences so far? Why?
I find Haws a very “family tight” company, not related to the owner family, but rather to the atmosphere in the company. My first visit to the Headquarters gave me this impression. Everybody gave me a very “we are willing to help” impression which is always nice to have. This also shows the professionalism within the company. I have also had the opportunity to meet up with Urs Weder from Europe which also gave me the same impression as the U.S. staff along with the Singapore staff, of course.

How do you see your job helping improve the organization?
I have been working in Asia for almost 25 years now and I have a feeling that with this experience I can drive the Asia operation to the next level of profitable growth in the Asian markets. Hopefully also improve the cross culture relations within all Haws locations.

What challenges may you face in your new position?
Competition in the Asian markets are very tough, many copies of Haws products are available. The Haws brand is not so well known in some of the Asian markets and we do not have any real appearance in the China market which will be changing very soon.

Favorite meal in Singapore?
That is absolutely the Singapore chilly crab; crabs cooked in a very heavy and thick chili sauce. You eat with your fingers together with steamed bread buns, very greasy but the taste is heavenly.

Favorite meal in America?
I think that a real nice American steak with a nice salad is what I like the best.

Favorite place to visit (county or city)? Why?
China is a favorite for me as I lived there for many years. People are very nice, hard working, and very easy to work with. China has a very long and interesting history, and there are so many places that are worth visiting! In China, I lived in a city called Suzhou, it is also called the Venice of China and the garden city of China. A “small” city of 7.5 million people, still you have a small city feeling when you are there. Guilin in the Gunagxi province is another beautiful place, a cruise on the Li river with its crystal clear water, to watch the sunset or sunrise over the sugar top mountings is something I really recommend. This would give a beautiful picture of China.

Favorite place lived? Why?
Today we, my wife and I, live in Bangkok, Thailand. It has always been close to my heart and over the years we have visited this country so many times both from a business point of view and for holidays. The climate is very pleasant, the food is marvelous, spicy and that I like a lot. As I in my new role travel a lot to both China and Singapore, Bangkok is sort of in the middle. Not so long either way.

Haws is excited to have Per join the team and we look forward to watching his unique skill set in action! 

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