OSHA Compliance News: Mistakes that hurt

Organization: Felker Brothers Corp., Marshfield, WI.
Business: Pipe manufacturer.
Agency: OSHA.
Penalty: $110,458 (proposed).
Reason for fine: Combustible materials were located within 35 feet of welding activities.

Note: OSHA said wooden racks and form plugs were less than 35 feet away from hot work areas. The employer was also cited because machines designed for fixed locations weren’t securely anchored to prevent them from moving or walking during use. And portable jacks used to support loads weren’t marked with their rated load capacities.

Eyewashes, showers not well maintained.

It’s not enough to just provide emergency eyewash stations and body showers to workers; you also have to make sure the equipment is maintained in good operating condition.

Organization: Eddy Packing Co., Yoakum, TX.
Business: Packing plant.
Agency: OSHA.
Penalty: $128,562 (proposed).

Reason for fine: The company didn’t ensure that emergency eyewashes and body shower stations were maintained according to ANSI standards.

Note: OSHA also said the company didn’t provide fit tests to workers wearing respirators. And staffers weren’t medically evaluated to ensure they could safely use respirators. In addition, the emergency response plan didn’t include information about handling small chemical releases.

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