More about Hydration and Brita® Hydration Station® with GM, Ted Hertz

Ted_Hertz_jpgRecently, we took some time to interview General Manager of Hydration, Ted Hertz! Ted Hertz gives us an insight on how the Hydration business is going, and where he see’s the Hydration business heading.

How is the hydration business currently?

The Hydration market is growing and shifting rapidly. It seems every day there are new innovations with ordinary water distribution. Advances include more access to quality filtered water via vending machines which fill re-useable bottles in public venues, and then for office and homes, water dispensers offering sparkling and flavored options. User demand is changing too. People want variety and options. And younger generations want products that support environmentally friendly efforts.

Why did Haws decide to get into the POU (point-of-use) sector?

The past 15 years of my career has been in water, starting with bottled water. I love the benefits of water and it always amazed me how much people cherished their bottled water – but I hated the waste of bottles. POUs are a natural evolution as we adjust to user demands and expectations. People associate the Haws name with quality drinking water and we have a responsibility to the our customers to evolve as they do.

What other markets do we see ourselves getting into in the next 1-3 years?

Expect to see more Brita® branded products added to our portfolio and more levels of filtration options in our products. We are seeing a lot of traction in different industries including medical and industrial. Our products are suited for their needs because of their durability in high-use and harsh environments.

Should we expect any changes in the drinking fountain business in the near future?

We will certainly see changes in how water is dispensed, both in form and function. Haws is looking hard at how to continue to lead the pack and differentiate our offering based on customer feedback.

What do you like most about your job?

The challenge of taking a 100 year old product line in drinking fountains and combining that with options like filtration, bottle-less coolers and the Brita® brand to create a successful portfolio for long into the future.

What’s your favorite beverage of choice?

Water, of course. But a nice bottle of wine is a close second!

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