Make October Your Home Eye Safety Awareness Month

When working around the house, it can be a common mistake to not wear proper eye protective gear while working with welding or manual tools. Last year in the United States, 94,000 adults and children were treated for eye-related injuries resulting in activities from home. Prevent Blindness® has published a list of the top most common sources of major eye injuries. On that list, are products that you use in your household that you may not be aware are hazardous to your eyes if you are not cautious. Did you know that 2,459 people were estimated to be injured by soap alone in 2013?

Here are some helpful tips to keep you and your family safe from eye injuries:

  • When working around the garage, wear goggles or glasses as a safety precaution. Flying debris in the air could have a negative impact on your vision for years to follow.
  • After working on a household project, clean hands thoroughly before touching eyes or face.
  • Wear eye-protective gear when working on automobiles.
  • Find safety goggles that have side protection to protect against flying debris.
  • Be prepared with a response action kit or product in case a worst case scenario does happen.

We have a perfect option for the home. Our AXION® eyePOD® can make your home faucet into a thermostatically-controlled emergency eyewash in a split second.


The inverted water flow pattern in consistent with healthcare protocols, with a look that is sleek to fit perfectly in a home setting. The AXION eyePOD is easy to use and has an internal temperature gauge that will shut down if the water exceeds 100° F. For more information on the eyePOD, click here.

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