Happy National Safety Month !

Safety-MONTH-Logo_LtBlueParticipate and celebrate with Haws and thousands across the country, as we work to raise awareness of what it takes to stay safe. Observed ​annually in June, National Safety Month focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road, in our homes and communities.

One helpful step to cultivating a safety culture is to create a preparedness policy in the workplace. Workplace accidents such as: spills of hazardous chemicals, fires, machinery breakdowns can be prevented with the implementation of a preparedness policy. The preparedness policy should be consistent with the mission statement and vision of the business.

Goals  for a preparedness policy are (suggested by Ready: Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed):

  • Prevent environmental contamination
  • Protect the safety of employees, visitors, contractors, and others at risk from hazards at the facility.
  • Plan for individuals with disabilities and functional needs.

Important components of a preparedness policy:

Be Informed il_570xN.295721288

  • Learn what protective measures to take before, during, and after an emergency.

Make A Plan

  • Prepare, plan and stay informed for emergencies.

Build A Kit

  • Be prepared by building an employee kit for various disaster scenarios. (Basic disaster kit)

Get Involved

  • Find opportunities to support community preparedness.

For more robust information on how to develop a preparedness plan click here.

Stay safe!




National Safety Council

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