Exceeding ANSI Standards: Color Coding

Does your facility use the proper universal color coding to alert potential danger? As referenced in a recent Haws® White Paper, Emergency Response Best Practices: Exceeding the ANSI Z358.1 Standard, OSHA enforces that potential danger must be made obvious to give attention to the risk of potential danger.

Color coding creates a universal language to specify the severity of individual workplace hazards. When an object is properly color coded, the victim can properly find relief that will help the severity of the situation. Below is a chart that we created for reference that you can apply to your work facility.



Although ANSI Z358.1 does not determine that there should be a design of a sign, Z535.1 does state that there should be a “standard for color schemes, sizing, meaning, and application for various workplace hazards.” Color Coding makes it easier for a victim to make an immediate decision when in danger.

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