Case Study: Aquatics Center for the City of St. Albert

Eye safety can be overlooked in environments that do not often deal with hazardous materials. In the circumstance of an aquatics club, some employees are exposed to pool cleaning chemicals that are dangerous to the eyes if exposed.  Looking to transition away from personal eyewash bottles, the Aquatics Department for the City of St. Albert in Alberta, Canada led their eyewash needs to the AXION® eyePOD®.

The design of the AXION eyePOD blends gracefully with the design of the first aid center of the Aquatics Center. The staff are thrilled that the AXION eyePOD is easy to use and has an internal temperature gauge that will shut off the water once it reaches 100° F. In addition, the staff no longer fears being exposed to calcium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite. The AXION eyePOD proved to be the perfect first aid solution.

Read more about the The Aquatics Department for the City of St. Albert in Alberta, Canada’s eyePOD.

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