5 Ways To Be Earth Friendly At Your Workplace

Happy Earth Day!

What are your plans? How do you plan to contribute to this environmentally-conscious day? Comment below! Here are a few suggestions:

1. Turn off lights. @Haws we go as far as to leave reminders by all our light switches that are in communal areas.

2. Get rid of bottled water, cut the plastic waste. @Haws we give out water bottles and have installed bottle fillers all over the facility!

 3. Power down the PC at night. @Haws we encourage to power down their computers at night instead of just locking the screen.  This reduces the power draw when the facility is unoccupied.


4. Go digital. Try to print less, it’s modern times – digital is all the rage. If you do print, print double sided and recycle that paper.

5. Get a plant. They bring a little life to the area and can help with air quality. Check out Chuck – the plant outside our Lynne’s, our graphic artist, office.

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