5 Safest Companies in the United States

OSHA states, “We have the right to a safe workplace.” Each year, EHS Today searches for the safest companies in America. Haws Corporation® gives thanks to the companies in America that value safety and who take time to invest in it’s importance.

1. The AES Corporation
Located in Peabody, Massachusetts, the AES Corporation is a global power company that continually provides affordable and reliable energy to customers. AES places safety at the top of their list by communicating with best practices, adopting official policies, and always improving safety performance. Take a look at AES’s Principles of Safety.



2. Alan Shintani Inc.
An esteemed construction company located in Waipahu, Hawaii, Alan Shintani Inc. is composed of team members who strive for excellence. Alan Shintani Inc. values being efficient in the quality of construction and consistently finishing a job on time and within the budget. With safety being a top priority, it is no wonder that Alan Shintani Inc. is the recipient of many awards including, “First Place: Excellence in Safety & Health for Small Size Company.”



3. Aqueos Corp
Aqueos from Ventura, California, is dedicated to operating in an “accident-free workplace.” Practicing in services that include Commercial Diving, Vessel contracting services, Marine Construction, and Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV), Aqueos believes that by instilling safety as the top priority, staff members are motivated to be productive. Each employee is instilled with in-house safety training and is fully equipped with all safety equipment and supplies.



4. BL Harbert International
Having global headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, BL Harbert International is one of Alabama’s most instrumental construction companies. BL Harbert International implements a CARE program, (Controlling Activity Risk and Exposure), an internal web program that helps managers view the safety execution in real-time of all employees. The program serves as a pivotal tool to managing issues about safety and health. BLHarbert-Web-304


5. The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Inc.
Draper Laboratory is dedicated to developing, designing, and extending technological solutions to the country’s challenges in security, space exploration, energy, and healthcare. The non-profit company’s policy on safety is to acknowledge the safety in all organizational activities by adhering with all safety, health and environmental regulations. Through implementing a safety program, Draper Laboratory trains all employees to work safely, mitigates risks through hazard identification and control, and keeps track of health and safety with a follow up at monthly safety meetings. DraperLaboratoryLogo

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