Haws 2022 Mid-Year Price List (Effective August 8, 2022) Haws 4-Steps to Compliance Helps Leading Hazardous Waste Disposal Company 8780 Centralized Water Tempering System Flyer HawsCLEAN™ Portable Eyewash Cleansing Stick Flyer Haws® AXION® & AXION Advantage® Training Webinar Haws 2022 Parts Catalog AXION Advantage® Retrofit Kit Flyer ANSI Z358.1 Competent Inspector Certification Flyer Better Resource Allocation to Ensure OSHA, Joint Commission Compliance, and CAPS Accreditation ANSI-Compliant eyePOD® Activation Demo Video Limited Warranty 2021 Haws® Services Improves ANSI Compliance Levels & State of Readiness