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Advanced Tepid Water Solution

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Unequaled Build Quality

Enhanced accessibility and reliability with all-aluminum construction and premium powder-coated walls ensure the highest quality protection against the world’s harshest environments.

Customer Centric Offering

We are the only manufacturer that offers customer support throughout the project and product lifecycle, providing an unrivaled customer experience.

Unrivaled Safety Innovations

Our unique design serves various emergency response purposes beyond regulatory standards, including our patented AXION® MSR technology, and SafeSight™ Series with high-visibility green meeting code-color compliance, and illuminated door access for immediate identification in emergency situations.

Superior Order Processing

Haws is committed to providing superior lead times through rigorous demand planning and inventory management of core components. Upon receipt of an approved PO, Haws guarantees a 30-day ship date on pre-engineered equipment.

Haws Integrated designs, builds, coordinates, and services engineered industrial safety systems that provide tempered water for large-scale decontamination and emergency wash installations in extreme operating environments. Our goal is to address your site’s unique requirements efficiently and effectively, while ensuring continuous ANSI/ISEA compliance.

The new Haws Integrated ePOD provides the most comprehensive combination of equipment and services in the industry. From simple point-of-use applications to complex, multi-shower systems, our updated designs include enhanced features and an improved user experience.

From facilities to remote and desolate environments, chemical labs and hospitals to wastewater treatment plants, Haws Integrated has a solution to encompass any environment or project size.

Flexible & Versatile Solutions for Any Environment

Extreme Weather Environments

Hypothermia and/or freezing water lines add unnecessary safety complications to victim response measures. Conversely, water supply lines exposed to the sun or processed heat can increase water temperature above ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 complaint range with the potential for victim scalding or exacerbation of injuries.

Polar options for temperatures down to -40°F/C include:

  • High-density insulation
  • Heat-traced showers
  • Full tempering solutions
  • Freeze protection valves
  • Booth heaters
  • Internal heat recirculation fan

Desert options for temperatures up to 120°F/49°C include:

  • Enclosure heat ventilation
  • Water chilling*
  • Air conditioning in booth*

*Not a standard feature

Flexible & Versatile Solutions for Any Environment


Remote and desolate environments can pose a unique set of infrastructure challenges. Limited availability of basic utilities is a common challenge for remote, isolated, and older jobsites where existing infrastructure doesn’t exist or is costly to modify.

Haws Integrated ePod Series provides indoor and outdoor self-contained units in situations where plumbed water is not available or costly to install, as well as a fully mechanical indoor system eliminating the need for power.

  • Overhead water tank and storage with a fully-enclosed shower.
  • Operating temperature range -40° to 100°F (-40° to 38°C)
  • All-weather aluminum booth






Flexible & Versatile Solutions for Any Environment

Manufacturing ENVIRONMENTS

Manufacturing environments provide a common challenge with safety equipment visually. With high jobsite activity, emergency equipment can be difficult to locate in a time of need. The Haws SafeSight™ illuminated doors show prominently for both short and long distances to ensure workers have the best chance of finding a shower or eyewash during an emergency.

  • Advanced Medically Superior Response® for shower and eye/face wash
  • Universal signage and illuminated door allows for immediate visual identification of unit
  • Optional audible and visual alarm system for emergency response support






Flexible & Versatile Solutions for Any Environment


Corrosive environments present product durability and reliability challenges. Our all-metal skid and booth systems are designed for constant exposure to weather and chemical environments. The premium powder-coated, iron-free construction results in a reliable, long-lasting product that’s virtually maintenance free.

  • Internal hot water supply for desolate environments with tank size options
  • Fail-safe, anti-scald and full-flow cold water bypass







What is Tempered Water?

Understanding the ANSI Z358.1 Tepid Water Requirements

The original ANSI Z358.1 Standard for Emergency Showers and Eyewashes was first written in 1981 by the ISEA (International Safety Equipment Association) with additional modifications in 1990, 1998, 2009, 2009, and the current 2014 version. The 2009 revision addressed crucial points relating to temperature range for water delivery.

Temperature Range for Water Delivery

In the 2004 Standard, it was not clearly outlined what tepid water meant and instead just simply stated that tepid was defined as moderately warm; lukewarm. The 2009 revision specified an exact temperature range to guarantee proper flushing.

Tepid Water is defined as 60° F -100° F  (16° C - 38° C)

  • Encourages use of safety equipment
  • Encourages removal of contaminated clothing
  • Encourages full 15-minute drench
  • Cools chemical burns
  • Prevents chemical absorption


Temperatures in the lower end of the tepid water range may cause:
  • cold shock, possibly leading to cardiac arrest
  • user to end flushing before the recommended time has passed


Legionella bacteria growth thrives between 95 and 115° F, a range that overlaps the current ANSI tepid water range.

While the ANSI standard does require a weekly flush to clear all piping sections that lead to emergency shower and eyewash station, avoiding temperatures that harbor bacteria is a valuable step in limiting potential exposure.

Haws Integrated provides many solutions to emergency equipment needs with our dedicated team of engineers and technicians designing safety solutions. The Haws Integrated team provides a complete line of custom engineered mixing valves, tempered water solutions, recirculation systems, air-charged systems and alarms designed around specific requirements and meeting all ANSI Z358.1-2014 prerequisites.

Haws® services

Haws Services provides comprehensive compliance options executed by factory service technicians who will work closely with your teams to provide the best support in reaching ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 complance.

  • Startup & Commissioning: Provides a comprehensive five-point service designed to ensure reliability of your emergency equipment.
  • All-Inclusive Warranty Support: The warranty services provider for Haws Integrated's emergency response shower, eyewash, and tempered water booth systems. Qualified service technicians work closely to provide the best support both on-site and remotely.

Haws Services has a full program offering to help your facility achieve ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 compliance

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