Haws Tec

HawsTEC applies innovative  data analytics that optimize operating processes to  maximize efficiency, quality and yield.

The demands of the evolving semiconductor fabrication facility are the driving the development of smarter technologies and HawsTEC is working to better optimize process tool integration.  As a member of the Facilities F450mm consortium (F450C) Haws TEC has partnered with the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering to help develop the next generation 450mm computer chip fabrication facility.  

Areas HawsTEC is focused on include:

  • Fab Effectiveness Integration - By using real-time information from specially designed sensors to optimize and improve yield fab, professionals can improve overall efficiencies by gaining previously unexploited information while implementing new technology nodes and larger wafers..
  • Tool and Process Effectiveness - Improvement of process tool effectiveness by integrating effluent information with the inputs and outputs needed to get better tool and process performance. 
  • Ultra Pure Water and Chemical Conservation - Scaling existing fabs to handle larger wafers could lead to unsustainable construction and operational costs.  Sensor monitoring techniques can be applied to fluid flows, energy consumption, and semiconductor process chemistries to provide real-time analytics.

HawsTEC is helping create an environment where intelligent controls are key to developing standards in support of high-volume facility infrastructure needs in today's fabs.

For more information on HawsTEC contact HawsTec@Hawsco.com.

HawsTEC is a Traynor Family Enterprise venture.