Our Story

Plumbing and safety environments are evolving,
and Haws is leading the innovative charge.

Executive Team

Dedicated to redefine an industry through innovative design and customer value.

Tom White, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tom White has been with Haws for over 25 years. In 2015, with the rapid growth opportunities for the company, White focuses his duties as Chief Executive Officer to oversee the entire Traynor Family Enterprise™ (TFE) portfolio of companies.

Stephanie Kilroy, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Kilroy has held various positions within the organization and has an active role helping lead and support focused strategic initiatives to drive growth, as well as supporting commercialization priorities and international business needs.

Claude Sapp, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer (COO/CFO)

With an MBA in Finance from the University of Tampa, Sapp came to work for Haws in January of 2016 as a consultant and then transitioned to VP of Finance. Sapp has brought a wealth of business, operations, IT, and financial knowledge to the company and became the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in January of 2017 and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in 2019. Sapp oversees Global Operations, Product Management, R&D, Finance and IT.

Sam Sarver, VP of Sales & Operations, North America

Sarver has been a crucial part of the Haws sales team for the last 13 years holding various positions within the Sales group. As Vice President of Sales and Operations, Sarver oversees the day-to-day national and international sales operations. “With this role, Sam puts his tremendous safety industry background to work for our international teams as they continue to drive growth through our valued distribution partners,” says Tom White, President and CEO of Haws.

Tim Henderson, VP of Finance

Henderson has been with Haws since 2000, As VP of Finance, he manages the finance and purchasing groups. Henderson has taken on a larger role to strategically direct and support both the local North American market as well as International locations in their financial and procurement needs.