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Haws Integrated Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry


There are numerous types of manufacturing, from pulp and paper, to chemical manufacturing, food manufacturing, textile manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, among many others. While each of these have their unique set of own workplace hazards, most manufacturing facilities contains hazards that could potentially cause a serious workplace accident. Working in the manufacturing industry means you are working on the machines and may be exposed to toxic materials. If your body comes into content with a foreign substance that may cause bodily harm, it is critical that you have immediate (10 second of less) access to an emergency shower and eyewash.

Manufacturing has regular exposure to numerous potential hazards, including the contamination from debris or chemicals. It is required that manufacturing workers have immediate, reliable and appropriate safety response tools in case of an emergency. This includes a properly tempered emergency shower and eye wash. Haws Integrated's robust product lineup offers various solutions that provide hundreds of tempered water solutions (emergency eye wash and emergency showers) that are ideally suited for the risks associated with the diverse nature of the manufacturing business.

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