The Dummies’ Guide to Valentine’s Day

1. Kindle the Romance…Not Your Home
Valentine’s Day often plays host to candlelight, crackling fireplaces, and outdoor torches. These pose minimal risks when supervised, but they can quickly turn into huge conflagrations when left unattended. HouseMaster advises the following:

  • Blow out candles when you leave the room.
  • Keep clothing, blankets, and pillows away from fireplaces and torches.
  • If you haven’t started your fireplace in a long time, inspect and test it beforehand. Poorly operating fireplaces are not just a fire hazard but they’re also a carbon monoxide danger.
  • Forgotten meals in the oven or on the stove top can lead to fires. Consider using timers to remind you of the meal, and as always, be sure all smoke/fire alarms are operational.

2. Protect Your Home
Romantic getaways are great way to say “I love you” this time of year; however, nothing will sour your mood faster than discovering your home has been broken into. Follow these simple security tips:

  • Use a timer for lights and radios to create the impression of an occupied home.
  • Arrange for a neighbor or friend to collect your mail, or have the postal service hold your mail temporarily.
  • Consider leaving a car in the driveway.
  • Check all locks on doors and windows, particularly on the lower floors.

3. Keep The Chocolates to Yourself
Everyone knows that chocolate causes abnormally high heart rhythms in dogs, among other problems. But not everyone is aware that baking chocolate is especially toxic. While an M&M or two on Valentine’s Day may not do any harm, a dog or cat that snatches a large chunk of baking chocolate from the counter may end up in the ER. It is essential to keep ALL chocolates out of your pet’s reach. Yes, even that last raspberry-filled nugget from the assorted box of chocolates no one ever seems to want to eat.


Have a Happy and Safe Valentine’s Day from Haws!!


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