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We are conducting a research project to evaluate health and safety professionals’ definition and expectation for acceptable emergency eyewashes and showers. We are interested in your opinion and would appreciate if you had 5-7 minutes to answer questions enclosed in the survey link below. As a thank you, we will send you a $10 e-gift card to Starbucks® for your completed survey.

In addition, we are requesting assistance in the assessment of a recent product and, if you are willing, would like to send you the product to evaluate.

We look forward to your response and appreciate your time and opinion.

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Safety Tip: How to Create a Culture of Safety Leadership

To sustain an injury-free workplace is a goal that safety managers actively work to reach. A safe environment to work in can be attributed to having a safety leader with valuable  leadership characteristics. For safety to be properly executed in the work environment, there must be a leader who has engaging power with his or her employee and have the intrinsic motivation for a safe workplace in order to effectively reach to employees. Some key characteristics include:

1. Always consider the perspective of each employee. Safety has a different meaning to each individual. The safety lead is going to handle safety differently than a frontline worker. A safety lead must take charge of the security of those that work underneath him or her. A frontline worker is in charge of his or her own safety. Find out what motivates employees to stay safe in the workplace to build a safety program.

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2.  Build Motivation. Once you find out what motivates your employees to stay safe in the workplace, build a program designed around their motivation. Find out what the best method is to motivate each individual employee. It could be in the form of safety meetings, forming a task – work group, or coaching employees on safety tips.


3. Actively Participate. It is crucial as a safety leader to sustain participation amongst employees. Keep an eye out for new ideas and tactics to have a continually safe workplace. A safety leader is highly effective when there is constant innovation with techniques involving safety.

[Via: Safety and Health]

Are you a safety professional? We’d like to hear from you.

If you are a safety professional, Haws wants to learn more about your job function and your thoughts and suggestions regarding emergency eyewash and shower equipment.

Please take 5 minutes to complete our industry survey. Your opinions will help shape the industry.

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