Haws Provides Reusable Bottles for Georgia College Sustainability Event

Every year the Georgia College Office of Sustainability host a symposium for the campus and community. This year they had a professor name John Sabraw from Ohio State University present. His mission is to remediate streams affected by acid mine drainage by utilizing the iron oxide byproduct to create acrylic and oil paint. During the transformative process, he collaborates with engineers, environmentalists, biologists, and chemists to create a product that is suitable for other artists to use and provides an opportunity for them to incorporate sustainable practices into their studios.

Over 200 people attended the event on Thursday April 19th. Sabraw talked about his path to where he is now, how art and science are linked, and why people should pay attention to their surroundings.

“The water bottles donated by Haws for the second year in a row were again a big hit within the community. Some people’s reason for coming to the event was to get their free reusable water bottles! It was nice to give away such a useful gift at the symposium. Hopefully after getting an bottle and hearing Sabraw’s challenging journey; people will think about the impact they have on the environment. The bottles really made our event look more professional, serious, and important.”

– Toria Middleton, Student at GCSU.



Haws Presents Donation to Food Bank of Northern Nevada

The Food Bank of Northern Nevada is one of several organizations that Haws, a Traynor Family Enterprise, helps to support throughout the year. On Friday, December 11th, Scot McLean from Haws presented a check for $5,865.00 to Jocelyn Lantrip, Director of Marketing and Communications of the Food Bank. The presentation was during the Food Bank’s Annual Christmas Drive. Local Channel 2 TV personalities interviewed and thanked supporters in live broadcasts throughout the day, Mike Alger is shown here with Scot and Jocelyn.