ANSI Site Survey Helps Leading Chemical Producer Meet Safety Standards


Assuring chemical products are disposed of safely, with human health and environment in mind, should be high priority for any chemical manufacturer. As one of the leading producers of olefin and polyolefin, a U.S. plant makes conducting business in a safe, injury free, and environmentally responsible manner more than just a way of doing business, but also an ethical principal actively demonstrated on a daily basis. Although this level of safety is thoroughly practiced throughout the company, hazards are still a reality, therefore a facility must be equipped with suitable emergency response equipment at all times.

Within their Research Center resided over 30 outdated, non-compliant emergency showers and eyewashes. The units did not meet the ANSI Z358.1 standard due to their installation time and age, which was prior to the issuance of the original Z358.1 standard in 1981. And, as there is no grandfather clause within the standard, the onsite EHS Supervisor knew the units needed to be upgraded and brought up to current compliance, otherwise OSHA fines could ensue.

When the Supervisor was offered a complimentary onsite ANSI-compliance survey of their emergency showers and eyewashes courtesy of a local Haws® representative, the Supervisor was introduced to the AXION® technology and took an immediate liking to its unique, comfortable water streams. In addition, the safety professional was drawn to the Haws products because they are the only product on the market with flushing capabilities consistent with EMT and emergency room procedures. After the survey debriefing, the Supervisor and Haws Representative created a detailed action item list for the multiple non-compliant units to be upgraded. Once the needed equipment and parts were received, all of the units were effortlessly converted to AXION for ANSI Z358.1 compliance.

With very little free time, the EHS Supervisor found the Haws ESEW Survey Program and process helpful and made things much easier to manage. The Research Center has also signed up to take advantage of Haws’ Annual Inspection offering, as a comprehensive annual test is required by ANSI. “Reviewing the process afterwards, we were not sold anything we didn’t need. It was a great experience working with such an honest company as Haws,” said the Supervisor.

As the industry leader, Haws can help bring awareness to the hidden dangers of inadequate emergency response by providing your facility the opportunity to receive a complimentary ANSI compliance emergency shower and eye/face wash survey. The onsite review includes a detailed inspection report, executive summary chart, summary of recommendations, and an interactive debriefing to review material.

By taking advantage of Haws’ ANSI Emergency Shower and Eye/Face Wash Survey Program, you will be able to ensure your facility not only meets the most recent ANSI Z358.1 Standards, but also provide proper functionality and appropriate first aid capabilities in the event of an emergency.

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