Haws Supports United Association International Apprentice Contest


“The United Association International Apprentice Contest involved 7 apprentices; 5 from the United States in 5 different regions, 1 from Canada, and 1 from Australia. The contest is a 5 day event beginning at 7:30 am each day and concluding at 5:00 pm. Each candidate must complete 100 questions on the theory of plumbing, principles of plumbing code, all within a specified time limit. Next the candidates perform hands on layout of sleeves, plumbing fixtures, piping, piping supports according plumbing print presented to each candidate. Last the candidateโ€™s final set fixtures, assemble piping as related to waste, vents, and domestic water piping comprised of cold water, hot water, and tempered water. Each piping assemble consists of various type of joints.

In reference to the Haws emergency eye/face wash model 7261-7271, each candidate was required to verify the exact location of the fixture according to prints presented, secure the fixture to the floor, install the drain piping to the plumbing system, install a tempered water solution to the eye/face wash fixture. Once completed, the plumbing judges would verify all dimensions, inspect all piping to ensure it was installed in a workmanship manner; i.e. straight, level, plumb. Each candidate received a point value for proper installation of the fixture, piping to the fixture, and proper securing of pipe supports. Last the OSHA certified inspector witnessed proper installation of the emergency eye/face wash.

In closing, this is the first time that the International Al Apprentice Committee incorporated the emergency eye/face wash into the contest. It was a great addition to the contest and we will again continue to utilize the Haws emergency eye/face wash as an integral part of the 2016 contest as well as future years. The United Association sincerely appreciates donation to the contest and will continue to display the Haws banner as an important sponsor of the contest.”

Jerome D. O’Leary
Apprentice Contest Chairman

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