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For over 103 years, Haws has been committed to bringing the highest quality emergency equipment products to a wide variety of markets.

Haws Integrated: Custom Safety Solutions

Responding to industrial emergencies becomes more challenging every day. It seems as though every product advancement and manufacturing process improvement invariably drives greater risk. Consequently, the ANSI standards that regulate emergency response procedures become more stringent with each new update.

The traditional approach of specifying standard off-the-shelf emergency equipment often can't keep pace with each plant's specific requirements. Finished applications often package emergency drench showers, eyewashes, water tempering and/or reverse tempering and re-circulation capabilities. Balancing and matching all of the components needed in a single application and planning for the possible simultaneous use of several installations is no small feat!

To address the need for tailored installations, Haws offers Haws Integrated. This service allows customers to collaborate with Haws' industry-leading engineering staff to tailor Haws standard product to fit your needs.

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